Pairing Cigars with alcohol

Each cigar has a unique flavor and characteristics that you should focus on when you match with liquor. Cigars and tobacco are available at any cigar store. You can also buy from online cigar store. Cigar online stores in USA are quite handy in this matter. So when you have purchased your cigar, begin by focusing on your favorite cigar and your favorite liquor types.After some taste tests, you’ll find a combination that works for each of your favorite cigars. Here are some good pairs with cigar.

Brandy and Cognac

A glass of cognac and cigar seem almost expected, but when paired wrong, can collide. Cognac is only one type of brandy, but by far the best known. Select a VSOP (very special old pale) and XO (Extra Old), avoiding VS younger varieties. A brandy that is aged longer has more delicate flavor. The cognacs tend to have a touch of vanilla and nuts, which can accentuate the same flavors in the cigar. Other types of brandy have more fruit and smoky flavors and can get along with most delicate cigars. So, the best traditional choice would be a glass of brandy with your cigar after dinner.

Whiskey, bourbon and RYE whiskey

Learn the difference between whiskey, bourbon and rye whiskey at this stage is less important to learn that all three are excellent liquor to drink with a cigar. These spirits offer a sweet flavor that seems to improve almost any cigar. Just remember that rye tends to be spicier, best paired with a mild cigar. When you choose your drink, looking leather, walnut and even butter with just a touch of sweet both liquor and pure. If you see too much sweetness, almost syrupy taste almost the pure will not gain much from the combination. If you generally like the American whiskey, then this combination will serve you well.


With hundreds of whiskeys from which to choose, both malt and blended, it is probably a challenge combined with cigars. Begin by finding a scotch that you like, and then try to send the same distillery. You will find that most Scots honey and fruit combine well with soft pure, while those smokier and nutty flavor combine well with full-bodied cigars. It aims to highlight the taste of your whiskey choosing a cigar with similar qualities.


Rum tends to be done to be with pure, making it excellent for use in combination. Most rum clear tend to be primarily used for mixing, while the darker rums can be taken alone. Your first challenge is to find rum to drink alone; it should be soft and sweet, not like a cough syrup. Then find a cigar that has a natural creaminess with hints of vanilla. Again, you can find different quality of tobacco and cigars from online tobacco or cigars shops to roll your own cigarettes. The more pure spices do not tend to combine well with rum. If you do not find the ideal combinations, just enjoy your favorite beer and then think about the cigar that can best match with it. In this work, you can discover more tastes. Experiments always work.

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