Short History of Cigars and Tobacco

The cigarette or cigar is one of the most popular formats snuff consumption. A cigarette is dry snuff chopped covered by a sheet of snuff or paper into a cylinder, comumente accompanied by a filter.

Histasas account in his History of the Indies how “certain dried leaves wrapped in other sheets, picatela lungs that smoke with which numb the body and so are drunk.”

He was convicted of James I of England by “repulsive to the smell, eyesore, dangerous for the brain and harmful to the lungs.”

The first cigarette paper manufactured and packaged arrive in Spain around 1825, in 1833 the first packs appear and when it is called cigarette or cigarette that comes from the word “cigar” or “pure”, named for its similarity to a cicada. Introduced by merchants from Brazil continued its expansion in Portugal and later to Europe. In the 80’s it was illegal, but after several periods of decades was legalized and so large companies could continue their normal work.

The Crimean War served to popularize cigarettes between French troops, imitating the Turks who smoked a pipe. In 1830 in Spain cigarette consumption is spread, especially among women and the “Spanish paper cigarillos” is known and appreciated throughout Europe, flavored with liquor and printed with vivid colors. Although the real take-off occurs Bonsak the steam engine, which is capable of millions of cigarettes, invented by James B. Duke in 1860. In the war fronts became popular during the Siege of Paris in 1870. The French brand Gauloises liar will appear shortly before the First World War in 1927. Gitanes cigarettes have since been of great value in war and in times of economic crisis. During the Second World War came to pay 400 francs for a cigarette and, more recently, during the days following the riots in Romania that toppled the communist regime, smoking became common currency change.

Cigars made by the Maya Indians were thick and cylindrical.

It is not clear the origin of the cigar, about it there are several versions and legends.

It is said that a beggar in Seville in the sixteenth century as the Indians came up wrapping paper wrapped rice cigar butts pulling chopped snuff, so-named “baggies”.

The legend also says that the conflict between Turkey and Egypt in 1832 a Turkish soldier who shot him had destroyed his pipe, roll up paper inside and became the first modern cigarette.

Another legend says a soldier in 1833 in his state of nervousness, grabbed dry grass and wrapped in a piece of paper that came to hand and smoke and thus became the first modern cigar.

The main companies marketing major cigarette brands include, among others, Altadis, British American Tobacco, American Tobacco Company and Philip Morris, with Fortuna and Marlboro cigarettes respectively. Other popular cigarette brands include Camel, Winston, Lucky Strike or Belmont.

Regular consumption of cigarettes because nicotine dependence depending on the frequency and amount you make. Negatively affects health form, causing cancer and various heart and related respiratory and circulatory system diseases.

On December 17, 2004, Bhutan became the first country to ban the sale and consumption of cigarettes. Its inhabitants can import for personal use, after paying a tax of 100% and were allowed to smoke in the privacy of their homes.

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