Three Great Full of Flavor Pipe Tobacco Products

You are living life on the go, smartphone in hand and multitasking with the best of them but always looking for a great pipe tobacco product that’s going to enhance your Roll Your Own Lifestyle!!

We stock almost a hundred brands of pipe tobacco here at Windy City Cigars, we are roll your own friendly too and we constantly get feedback on the phone and via our web site from out customers. So, this blog is a distillation (partial at least) of some of the great pipe tobacco products we recommend. 

Bugler Pipe Tobacco was first introduced into the U.S. market in 1932 by Land Limited which eventually became a subsidiary of the Scandanavian Tobacco Group in 2011. Bugler pipe tobacco is widely popular, it’s the number two selling pipe tobacco and it’s always been in a no holds barred battle with Top pipe tobacco. 

Bugler has always focused on distinguishing it’s brand from other pipe tobacco manufacturers by using a premium “Turkish” and domestic tobacco blend that has a unique taste. Over the years it has changed the construction of its rolling papers from a thicker gauge of paper to a much thinner paper which is also interleaved for an even burn characteristic. 

pipe tobacco smoke on the floor pattern

Some think Bugler pipe tobacco burns a bit faster and hotter than other brands; but, this is a subjective call and somewhat subject to the tastes of an individual smoker. It’s again a wildly popular brand of pipe tobacco. So, many do like the flavor and burn characterisitics. 

Lane Limited Pipe Tobacco: this is a well made, loose cut, good tasting brand of pipe tobacco, know for it’s slow burn characteristics, with a mild but aromatic taste generated with aromatics and an English blend. 

Lane was originally founded in Dresden, Germany in 1890’s. Then, as it does today, the company specialized in the highest quality pipe and roll-your-own cigarette tobaccos. Herman G. Lane, who was born in Germany and was one of the founder’s grandsons, immigrated to the United States in 1938 and re-established the company in Manhattan.

Lane was acquire by and is now manufactured by the Scandinavian Tobacco Group along with 3-5 other top tier of pipe tobacco brands including: Captain Black and Sir Walter Raleigh. It’s a complex blend of tobacco with hints of: cherry, black raspberry, hazelnut, Virginia and Burley tobacco.

It’s not as well known as major pipe tobacco brands but it’s well made and some like it’s unique taste produced by the complex blend of tobaccos. Lane Limited is a bulk pipe pipe tobacco, available in 5 lb bags, Very Cherry flavor, Limited MV-1000, BCA, HS-3 and 1-Q brands. It’s a favorite for novice and experienced pipe tobacco smokers. 

Largo pipe tobacco is a straightforward US style blend of air-cured and flue-cured tobaccos; medium-bodied and no strong aromatic topping like some other brands of pipe tobacco. It comes in three good tasting flavors that should satisfy even the most demanding pipe smokers: Mellow which is a somewhat milder blend that uses burley and Virginia tobaccos: Mint which blends good quality air cured and bright leaf tobacco stock with just a slight taste of mint and their Original, which has a very strong taste, smooth but lets you know your smoking the real deal. 

Which is an optimum brand of pipe tobacco? it’s a somewhat subjective discussion when you consider one brand of pipe tobacco versus another – each has a distinct taste that helps their pipe tobacco product stand out in the market.

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