Tips on Buying and Storing Cigars

If you are not much accustomed to cigars, so let us gain some wisdom on cigars. Before Buying Cigars Online or from your local cigar retailer, you should ask a lot of questions to ensure that you are investing your money on the right cigars. Also, after purchasing cigars, storing them is also crucial. For this follow these steps:

1.   Find out if the cigar is fresh. A cigar that is fresh is composed of finest ingredients. And after it is rolled, it has to be stored in a correct manner. If the cigars is stored well, then, is will have an oily and rich shine and in contrast if the cigar isn’t stored suitably, then the wrapper of the cigar will looks dull which reveals that it isn’t fresh.

2.   Whenever you wish to buy a favored cigar like the MacanudoCigars, ask your tobacconist whether the cigar is great or good. And if you are picking a cigar from an online store, you will search for one that is affordable to you. There are 3 means through which a cigar can be judged:

Appearance: Observe the appearance of the cigar. Does the cigar’s wrapper have the right color? Is the cigar’s wrapper oily and has a good shine?

Burning Approach: Immediately when the cigar is lit, check if it burns unevenly or very slowly or very quickly.

Flavor: Sense the taste of the cigar. The cigar’s taste can be defined as powerful, smooth, bitter, strong or light.

3.   Make certain that you store any cigar be it Romeo Y JulietaCigar or others in a proper way. Cigars are at all times stored in wooden tubes, metal tubes or glass tubes. The reason why they stored in tubes is to safeguard them from any impairment.

4.   Keep the cigar in its Cellophane wrapper till it is smoked. Cigars are normally enclosed in Cellophane wrappers with the purpose of keeping the wrapper safe and avoiding it from getting damaged and to allow the cigar stay shiny and fresh. Alternatively, if you do not intend to smoke your cigar at home and want to carry the cigar with you, in this case retain the cigar’s cellophane wrapper so as to keep it safe.

5.   A humidor is necessary if you are going to store many cigars at once. A humidor provides an atmosphere that is similar to the source of the tobacco – that is, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua or Honduras with around 70% humidity a temperature of around 70 degrees inside.

6.   If the humidity of the humidor is very low, then the cigars will dry off and burn very fast. In case if humidity is extremely high, you cigar will get soggy and will not be able to burn effectively. And if the humidor is very warm, there will be a likelihood of mold emerging and this will ruin your cigar. Another peril of warm temperature is risk of cigar mites. If you get cigar mites, then definitely all the cigars will get damaged. If the humidor is infected with mites then, freeze it. They will not be able to endure in cold temperature. A lot of cigar admirers have a habit of freezing their new cigars even before they store them in the humidor. In fact this is a good idea .

How To Restore Dry Cigars