Which are the Best Cigar Tobacco Growing Countries

Not all regions are suitable for growing tobacco. Physical and chemical properties of the soil are to be studied very carefully. The main climatic factors that influence the growth of cigar tobacco are Rainfall, humidity, temperature, wind and sunlight. There are four major countries which facilitate the growth of tobacco namely Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua.

These countries grow the finest quality of cigar tobacco which is used for producing the best rolls like Nicaragua cigarsHonduras cigars etc. such cigars have distinctive features like taste of the tobacco used in manufacturing it. Cigars are made up using 100% tobacco products which makes it more distinctive, expensive and sophisticated. Due to such reasons, cigars are mostly smoked on special events only. Unlike other cigars, Mild Medium Cigars are mainly concerned with body of the cigar which is nothing but the flavor of cigar. 

Most of the cigar smokers prefer smoking mild and strong flavored cigars because it provides them the required amount of pleasure. Different cigar smokers have different choices among different kinds of cigars with varying tobacco strength. Companies ensure that they deliver best service to their valued customers and due to its salient and distinctive features; it has been able to distinguish itself from other tobacco products.

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