Selecting a Cigar Humidor

Selecting a humidor for your cigars must be done with utmost care. At the moment you are enjoying your favorite cigar such as Arturo FuenteCigars and you would like your valuable cigars to be stored safely. So how do you go about it? Simply abide by the following steps:

1.    Ascertain, the number of cigars you wish to store in a humidor. Next, double the quantity. It is possible to store less number of cigars in a larger humidor, but it is not possible to store more number of cigars in a smaller humidor.

2.    After you have determined the number of cigars you want to store, look out for as many humidors as you can that will be able to hold the quantity of cigars you have decided on. And at this time, don’t stress over the prices, shape, color or style. Just find out the different types of humidors that are available.

3.    Don’t restrict your search for humidors at a particular place only. Humidors are available in Cigars Shop, online cigar stores, and department and specialty stores. Check out in all these places.

4.    After completing a thorough search on humidors, now you can start to shortlist them. The first question to ask yourself is where you will keep your humidor. Will you place it in your living room or office or a rec room? The places where you can store humidors are also unlimited.

5.    There are basically three different kinds of Humidors that are available: Full room, free standing and desktop or table. If you are a beginner, it is suggested you should not pick a walk-in or full room humidor. And if you are an expert, then you should definitely think of a walk-in one.

6.    Spend some time to study the place where you determined to put your humidor. Observe your current furniture, style and colors you have selected for this place. At this point you will considerably confine your selections. You would like it to unify in rather than clash. You would like to give prominence to your present décor with the new humidor.

7.    After this, let us examine some of the notable properties of a humidor. The first one is the seal. It is probably the most valuable property of your humidor. A good seal helps to control the climate in a Humidor. To check the seal, just raise the lid approximately about 3 to 4 inches, and then release it and allow it to close. It will produce a whoosh sound and if it doesn’t make this sound when it shuts, you should try another humidor.

8.    The humidor lining (this is the wood at the bottom and at the sides) is in addition very essential. In a good quality humidor, the liner will be of Spanish cedar which is kiln dried in order to eliminate any moisture and sap.

9.    Another important factor is the warranty of the humidor, especially if you are a new enthusiasts of cigar. Ensure that the humidor includes a minimum warranty of thirty days.

Some tips should also be followed while storing your preferred cigars like OHM Bundle Cigars. Do not store them in a Humidor that is new. Store your cigars in the humidor only after you season it. Store around fifty to hundred cigars in the humidor.

Why Should I Procure A Humidor