How to be well-mannered while smoking cigars

Cigars are smoked by many persons over the world. However, there are certain cigar etiquettes should be followed if you are a cigar smoker. Some of the etiquettes have been there for a long time while others have evolved with the advancing developments in cigar smoking. The following is a list of the key points that have to be borne in mind while smoking cigars.

1. Do not stub out your cigar

When you finish off your cigar, make sure you do not stub it. This is perhaps one of the primary rules articulated by people who are into cigar smoking and this rule is even applicable in today?s times. The moment you have finished smoking your cigar, simply put in your ashtray and permit it to snuff out by itself. If you smash the cigar?s nub akin to a cigarette is discourteous and releases unlikeable smells.

2. Keep out of your Humidor

Make certain that you do not smoke your cigar inside a covered humidor. Any humidor must have a prudently regulated atmosphere and the cigar smoke does not fit with the cigars that are on sale in cigar shops in a humidor.

3. Never light another person?s cigar

You should ensure that you do not light another individual?s cigar. A good cigar etiquette to follow is that cutting the cigar and lighting it ought to be done by the individual only.

4. Never point the cigar towards your nose

Whenever you go to?buy cigar samplers or cigars in a cigar shop, make sure you do not point up the cigar towards your nose. This is discourteous of others when you place it back. If you wish to perceive the aroma of the cigar, you can do it from its foot by holding it about half an inch far from your nose.

5. Don?t talk disparagingly about any other person?s cigars

Never talk unfavorably about other people?s cigars. Understand that each person?s palate is different and so is their cigar preference. Always smoke a cigar the one you like and don?t compare it to the cigar other individuals are smoking. Never say the other person?s cigar is mediocre to yours.

6. Maintain the Cutter properly

Never use another person?s cutter if you have put the cap in your mouth. It is a matter of hygiene. Do not wet the cigar?s cap before cutting.

7. Follow Rules of the Cigar shop

Respect the rules of the cigar shop. Follow the rules to make yours and others cigar smoking experience a pleasant one and overall better.

8. Ash management

Make sure you try to expect when the ash of the cigar will drop off. Then slowly allow it to fall off the cigar and into the ashtray.

If you are fortunate enough to buy your stogies at best cigar prices, make sure you also follow some general cigar protocols and manners. This will not only enhance your smoking experience of cigars but also of others. And it doesn’t require to put in much effort in implementing some good cigar manners.