Michael Jordan – Cigar On The Way To Work

Did you know that Michael Jordan first started smoking cigars in 1991 when he won his first NBA title? In August 2005 Jordan interviewed with?Cigar Aficionado?where he opened up about almost everything from routine basketball questions to more in-depth questions including those surrounding his love for cigars. To call Jordan a cigar maniac would be an understatement. After starting in 1991 he was a daily smoker by 1993 literally the height of his NBA career. For anyone who has lived and driven within in the Chicago land area knows how crazy the traffic can get. Did you know that Jordan use to fire up a stogie on the way to work. He would use this time to relax and focus on the game ahead. Phil Jackson also a cigar lover had no problems with Jordans cigar smoking seeing it brought him 6 championships and 6 great reasons to smoke a cigar. Greg Elam Content Writer Windy City Cigars