INCH Nicaragua No.62 24 Cigars


INCH Nicaragua No.62 24 Cigars offer a captivating and robust smoking experience for aficionados seeking an exceptional and full-bodied blend. Encased within each box are 24 meticulously handcrafted cigars, masterfully constructed with premium Nicaraguan tobaccos. As you ignite the cigar, the rich and aromatic smoke envelops the senses, paving the way for a remarkable journey. With each draw, you’ll be treated to an array of flavors, featuring distinct notes of earth, pepper, and dark cocoa, showcasing the expertise behind this remarkable blend. The No.62 size provides a substantial smoking time, allowing ample opportunity to relish the intricacies of the tobacco. Whether it’s a moment of celebration or a time to unwind, INCH Nicaragua No.62 24 Cigars promise an unforgettable and gratifying smoking experience that captures the essence of premium Nicaraguan tobacco in every enticing draw.

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