Peterson Royal Yacht 1.76oz Pipe Tobacco


Peterson Royal Yacht 1.76oz Pipe Tobacco is a distinguished blend that embodies the essence of luxury and sophistication. Handcrafted by Peterson of Dublin, this premium mixture combines top-quality Virginia and Burley tobaccos, expertly enhanced with the addition of spicy Perique. Upon lighting, the aroma of rich tobacco greets the senses, preparing the palate for an exquisite smoking experience. With each puff, the Virginia brings a natural sweetness, the Burley adds depth and nuttiness, and the Perique contributes a delightful spiciness, creating a harmonious and refined flavor profile. Peterson Royal Yacht promises a regal and satisfying journey into the world of pipe smoking. Whether you’re relaxing in solitude or sharing moments with friends, this exquisite tobacco blend elevates your smoking ritual to a level of sophistication that truly befits royalty. Embrace the opulence and superior craftsmanship with the distinguished Peterson Royal Yacht 1.76oz Pipe Tobacco.

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