Al Capone

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The Al Capone Cigars are named after the well-known Chicago gangster called Al Capone. These premium cigarillos are mild and very delightfully sweet and will absolutely become a habit, the moment you try them the first time. These hand crafted filtered cigars come in many delicious flavors and their small size makes them perfect when you wish to smoke a cigar, but do not have the time to smoke a full sized stogie.

Al Capone filtered cigars are priced very reasonably, so everyone can afford them. As soon as you try the Al Capone premium cigarillos, you will fall in love with them and what’s more they are very consistent.

The different varieties of the Al Capone cigars available at Windy City Cigars are Al Capone Jamaican Blaze, Al Capone Rum Dipped, Al Capone Cognac Dipped and Al Capone Gold.