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Backwoods Cigars are made from natural tobacco only and come in many diverse styles. They are full of flavor yet mild and are great for smoking outdoors. A nice thing about these cigars is that they have a lovely aroma. These cigars provide a great value for saving money to its users. A gorgeous blend of homogenized and natural tobaccos that are filled with the sweet aromas and palates of assorted flavors.

Backwoods cigars are machine made and their rustic appearance is very popular among cigar smokers. These cigars come in foil pouches containing 5 cigars and are also available in multi packets of 8 pouches. The Backwoods Cigars are very popular and for sale in a number of flavors, Some Of the Discontinued Flavors like ( Banana , Grape , Ice Wine.. )Buy We Do Have Sweet Aromatic, Black, Honey Berry, Honey, Dark Stout, Honey Bourbon and the Backwoods cigar Original Wild n Mild Cigars.
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