Balkan Pipe Tobacco

Windy City Cigars carries Balkan Pipe Tobacco blends both Sobranie and Sadieni in the 1.75 oz tin cans. This unique smoking mixture is a very popular, great tasting full flavored English blend that consists of high quality Syrian Latakia, spicy Perique, Macedonia, and the finest aged Virginia tobacco.

This signature blend of great tasting pipe tobacco comes in a 1.75 oz tin can and it has a strong taste (but not harsh) that will leave you satisfied every time you smoke it.

Many people like to make their own cigarettes, and for that, they need a good pint of tobacco. In terms of tobacco, people more and more prefer to buy pipe tobacco because it is organic. One of the best pipe tobacco is Balkan pipe tobacco.

Great Taste: The Balkans Pipe Tobacco has a very distinct taste that is a perfect blend of earthy flavor and fruity undertones. This flavor profile is liked by a wide range of people.

Sobranie and Sadieni: This pipe tobacco has Sobranie and Sadieni blends in it. These two blends add some luxury to the product. This mix is the main reason why the flavor is so authentic, diverse, and strong.

Exquisite Tobacco Blend: The tobacco used in the product is sourced from Latakia in Syria. Additionally, it also has Perique, which is sourced from Louisiana in the USA. The Perique gives a fruity flavor to the tobacco mix. The aged Virginia Tobacco gives a citrusy fragrance and aftertaste to the mix.

It is not easy to get pipe tobacco that has great taste and is also affordable. If you are looking for a great box of pipe tobacco, then get your hands on Balkans Pipe tobacco.

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