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Cao Pipe Tobacco

Cao pipe tobacco uses some of the same flavors found in their best-selling Cao cigars and cigarillos. Cao flavored pipe tobacco blends are made with classic high quality Virginia tobacco and black Cavendish (depending on the specific blend). Cao flavored pipe tobacco is a high quality pipe tobacco made in Denmark by the Scandinavian Tobacco Group exclusively for Cao.

Cao Pipe Tobacco comes in 4 great flavors and all come in tins not pouches, which help to prolong the life and freshness of the pipe tobacco.

Eileen’s Dream Pipe Tobacco – 1.75oz: made with the best Irish cream and white chocolate truffles, great tasting ground almonds, hazelnut paste and vanilla extracts. Bella Vanilla Pipe Tobacco – 1.75oz: uses great tasting vanilla beans from Madagascar, the premier source of vanilla in the world. Cherrybomb Pipe Tobacco – 1.75oz: made using Maraschino Cherries, Madagascar Vanilla, and Black Currant, resulting in a mild to medium taste that mirrors a great tasting cherry desert (mouthwatering almost).
Moontrance Pipe Tobacco: 1.75oz: blends fruits and an exotic bourbon vanilla, this is truly a one of a kind pipe tobacco, rich in taste and made with the best ingredients. 

We carry the full line of Cao Pipe tobacco and our prices are the best in the world on this one of kind pipe tobacco.

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