Shargio Injectors (King)

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Windy City Cigars offers two exceptional options: the Shargio Deluxe Injector and the Shargio Solo Injector. These injectors provide a seamless and cost-effective way for tobacco enthusiasts to craft their own cigarettes. With the Shargio Deluxe’s premium build quality and customizable features and the Shargio Solo’s simplicity and portability, Windy City Cigars offers a range that caters to both seasoned rollers and beginners. Windy City Cigars has earned its well-deserved reputation for offering the finest tobacco accessories, which also includes an extensive range of Shargio cigarette tubes. Our commitment to maintaining top-notch quality and ensuring customer satisfaction is what makes Windy City Cigars the ultimate destination for individuals in pursuit of exceptional smoking experiences and substantial savings through the art of DIY cigarette rolling.

Windy City Cigars

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