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Captain Black Pipe Tobacco

If you are looking for the best world’s most affectionate tobacco pipe, Captain Black Pipe Tobacco will top the list. This is because of its history that is consistent with quality in tobacco smoking. To learn more about tobacco, I suggest you check our earlier discussion entitled: ‘All Flavors and Blends.’ The quality of Captain […]

Smoking Tobacco Pipes

If you are just waking to learn how smoking tobacco pipes work, you should know that you are dealing with a lifestyle that dates back over 2000 BC; and of course, it’s a valuable addition to tobacco itself whose history goes back 5000 BC. I tell you this because when it comes to smoking tobacco, […]

Pipe Tobacco Online – Top 10 Lists Of The Best To Smoke 2020

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Best Pipe Tobacco         Are you looking for some great pipe tobaccos that you can greatly enjoy alone or with friends? We have compiled some of the world best pipe tobaccos that are superbly tasteful, rich in aroma, and that will leave you asking for more. These are premium yet also affordable, […]

7 Best Pipe Tobacco Online OHM Brand Reviews

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A gentleman chooses his pipe tobacco based on flavor, but the choice goes a little deeper and is a bit more complicated than just taste alone. Just as a winemaker will use different ingredients to create subtle variations in flavor, and a beermaker will change the malt and hops to develop unique characteristics and mouthfeel, […]

Ten Great Rolling Tobacco Products full of Flavor and Economically Priced

In the last ten years we’ve sampled hundreds types of pipe tobacco products to select top tier brands for resale and here is a short list of our ten favorite rolling tobacco products. Bugler tobacco   is one of the oldest brands of pipe tobacco in the world, Bugler has been consistently producing great tobacco […]

10 Essential RYO Tobacco Products for Rolling Your Own Cigarettes 2020

Every RYO tobacco smoker has a standard set of products for rolling your own cigarettes. A cigarette making machine is essential, whether it’s a manual or an electric machine these modern “tools” help to save you time and get more out of your RYO tobacco. We sell about fifty models of cigarette making machines from […]

How to Prepare Pipe Tobacco for Cigarettes

Pipe Tobacco for Cigarettes Pipe tobacco and cigarette tobacco, while originating from the same plant, have a few contrasts. Tobacco is dried and afterward blended, or mixed, to be utilized as a part of either cigarettes, pipes, or stogies.Each  mix is comprised of diverse mixed bags of tobacco that are cut and enhanced to give […]