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Terms and Conditions Page and Use of this Site

All products offered for sale on this site are to be used in the appropriate manner for which they are legally intended.

FairPrice Tobacco Inc, and any affiliate of (hereafter; The Company), does not take responsibility nor claim any warranty or implied use for any products sold on this website. Final application of any product offered within the website is the sole responsibility of the end consumer and The Company will not be held liable for any action taken by the end consumer. All related tobacco smoking items and accessories listed for sale in this site are strictly for tobacco use only.

Entering this site or purchase of any product from this site releases The Company from any and all liability and The Company shall be held harmless for any action taken by the end consumer. The end consumer is responsible for abiding by all local, state and federal laws applicable to their area and

The Company will in no way be held liable for any violation of those laws. This definition includes, but is not exclusive to, those states, counties, parishes, cities, incorporations, principalities, etc. where tobacco items such as those offered for sale on this site are not permitted by law or ordinance in your area.

We strongly recommend reviewing all regulations regarding tobacco pipes that govern your area before purchasing items from this site as you, and only you, will be held directly responsible for any violation of those laws.

All other items listed for sale (i.e. novelty items) must also be used/applied in the appropriate manner for which they are legally intended. Furthermore, you are also stating that you are entering this site without malice toward The Company and that you irrevocably waive your rights to any and all criminal and civil legal recourse against The Company.

You verify that you are not in the employ of, an agent of, a representative of, or legal counsel of the U.S. Government, Secret Service, D.E.A or any Local, State or Federal law enforcement office or organization. You also verify that you are not entering this site as part of any legal investigation or for the purpose of gathering any information about or any affiliate of; or any person, organization or business accessible via this site.

You also agree not to commit any type of fraud, (credit card, identity or otherwise) and if by committing fraud you agree to unconditionally accept criminal and civil litigation against you by all offended parties including, but not exclusive to, The Company, the Issuing Bank of the Credit Card, the Credit Card holder and Local, State and Federal Officials.

By entering this site you are verifying that you understand and acknowledge that this website contains several articles, hyperlinks, editorials, etc. to be used for entertainment or informational purposes only and that you are not offended by any material within the website and that The Company maintains that those articles, hyperlinks, editorials, etc. are protected under the First Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech.

Surgeon General’s Warning: Tobacco smoking can be hazardous to your health. Because of the health risks involved with smoking tobacco, The Company neither encourages nor condones tobacco smoking and any decision to do so rests solely with you and should be taken very seriously.

Personal information collected may be used to identify an individual and used to gather demographic information. Information collected may including, but not limited to, a credit card, first and last name, email address, a home, postal or other physical address, IP address, prior web site you linked from, other contact information, title, birth date, gender, occupation, industry, personal interests, other information when needed to provide a service you requested.

By visiting this site we gather specific public information, like the site you came from your IP address, time and date of your visit, frequency of your visits, browser, and operating system you used. We, being the company that owns this domain, will never give out any information collected from your visit. If you sign up for the newsletter you can opt out at any time.