The Types of Cigars

One of the first steps to smoking a cigar is understanding there are different types of cigars ranging in different sizes and shapes.

1) The Corona Cigar: A straight-shaped cigar with a rounded end. Typically a Corona cigar is what you see most people typically smoke.

2) The Pyramid cigar is a pointed tapered cigar that typically has a wide foot with an open head.

3) The Torpedo cigar is a cigar that features a closed foot with a pointed head and a bulbous middle.

4) The Perfecto is a very unique-looking cigar that is closed on both ends but rounded at the head and bulbous middle.

5) The Panatela is a long thin cigar

6) The Culebra is Spanish for the snake which is made of three panatelas braided and branded together with a ring gauge of 38.


Types of cigars