Great Tasting Pipe Tobacco is Now a Mainstream Product: for Good Reason

Pipe tobacco is a very popular product. Many (tens of millions) believe pipe tobacco is now a real alternative to mainstream cigarette tobacco provided by corporate behemoths. There is always a good debate about pipe tobacco vs best cigarette tobacco. Pipe tobacco is popular, well made and the quality of the product mirrors mainstream tobacco.

Five reason why Pipe Tobacco Smoking is Mainstream

Volume is now part of the equation for many pipe tobacco smokers. It’s not like the old days when pipe tobacco smokers had no alternatives other than buying tobacco in bags and then rolling them by hand. With a final product that looked a bit challenging in appearance and the taste was in many cases not too good.?

Today pipe tobacco smokers can buy manual and electric cigarette machines for under $20 for manual and under a $100 and can make a carton of cigarettes in a matter of a few minutes, versus hand rolling back in the day which was so labor intensive most gave up and used commercial cigarette products.?

The quality of pipe tobacco is now high quality. It tastes as good as commercial tobacco – the tobacco used for today’s pipe tobacco is no longer low end funky tobacco that was swept up off the processing shed and then tossed in bags and resold as “high quality pipe tobacco.”?

This is no longer the case, our Au Naturale OHM Pipe tobacco (as an example) is made using the best Virginia (which smokes sweet and mild) tobacco, it’s stored properly and every facet of the manufacturing and shipping processes are monitored closely.?

  • We don’t use artificial flavoring, the tobacco is organic, with no harsh preservatives used either. Ensuring taste is front and center in every facet of this pipe tobacco.

In the old days tubes and filters were not available in your local pipe tobacco store and online sales were not an option either. But, today you can buy a box of pipe tobacco cigarette tubes for under five bucks and you can buy flavored tubes, including menthol if your tastes run to a bit more exoctic.?

You want truly exoctic flavored pipe tobacco? Today you have a an almost unlimited number of flavors including: chocolate, cherry, vanilla, methol, strawberry, blueberry, cherry vanilla, bubblegum, etc. – just about any flavor of pipe tobacco is now readily available and it’s not much more expensive than standard pipe tobacco.?

DIY pipe tobacco flavoring is no longer an oddity; consumers are buying standard pipe tobacco pulling a bottle of premium scotch or whiskey off the shelf and throwing in a few drops in a container and whipping up their own pipe tobacco flavor of the day.?

  • And, you are only limited by your imagination and you don’t need a lot of fancy gear like the old school moonshiners: a tin or plastic container and your own flavoring material are the only prerequisites and you are good to go.
  • Mix up a small quantity batch, throw it in an airtight container and then let it sit for 24 hours, then out in the open for an hour or two and fire up your pipe tobacco blend and let your taste buds be your guide.?

But for a quick tutorial check out our video on RYO Pipe Tobacco Flavoring at home and you may also want to subscribe to our YouTube Channel – we have 30-50 videos on RYO lifestyle products, premium cigars and a video or two that should be entertaining.?

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