How To Keep Pipe Tobacco Fresh?

keeping pipe tobacco fresh

Keeping Pipe Tobacco Fresh: All You Need To Know

Pipe tobacco can stay fresh for several weeks but has a limited shelf life once opened. If you have an excess of pipe tobacco or you want to age it, it is essential to store it in the right way. There are several ways in which it can be done. However, what remains paramount is that your pipe tobacco should stay fresh during the storage. It can be reduced to flavorless crusty leaves, which is not a recipe for a good smoke. Let us discover some essentials for keeping pipe tobacco fresh. 

Reasons To Keep Pipe Tobacco Fresh

Before understanding how to keep your pipe tobacco fresh, you must know that keeping it fresh is necessary. Here are some reasons why you must ensure that the tobacco you smoke is well-preserved – 

  1. Tobacco often loses its taste and flavor if it is not appropriately preserved. Flavorless tobacco can often be a spoiler for the mood.
  2. When exposed to the environment, tobacco can become dry. This is because the moisture in it can not be retained when left in the open. 
  3. Buying a lot of tobacco can be expensive. Thus, if it does not remain fresh, you not only miss out on the experience but also on the worth. 
  4. It is commonly known that aged tobacco can be much better to smoke. If you want to age your tobacco, it will require storing it for years. However, in due course, tobacco should not become grainy and dry. Thus, preserving its freshness is significant.

how to keep pipe tobacco fresh

How To Store The Pipe Tobacco?

Pipe tobacco can retain its flavors primarily by proper storage. If you are not aware of ways to store it, here are some easy options that can be employed.

  • Airtight Jars 

Once the seal of the package is broken, retaining the moisture and freshness of the tobacco is not possible. It is thus best to transfer the tobacco into airtight jars. Such jars are readily available and hassle-free to keep. You can also use a mason jar or an acrylic jar as an alternative. It does not allow the moisture to escape, keeping your tobacco fresh for a long time. 

  • Hydro-Stones

Reusable and affordable, hydro-stones can completely alter how you smoke. A hydro-stone simply needs to be soaked in water for a few minutes. You can then store it with pipe tobacco for a long time. It increases the humidity level when kept in a pouch or box of tobacco, thus keeping it moist. Hydro-stones are readily available on online shopping portals like Amazon. 

  • Cigar Humidors

As opposed to popular opinion, cigar humidors can also be an excellent option to store pipe tobacco. Ultimately, the purpose remains the same (that is to keep the tobacco or cigar moist). Cigar humidors can be exquisite to look at and serve the need for your pipe tobacco. The only drawback here can be that; sometimes, your tobacco might not need the same level of humidity as the cigar. 

  • Mist Sprayer

Using a small mist sprayer to sprinkle some drops of water is also a suggested method to store tobacco. It is easy and can keep the quality of the tobacco intact for some time. However, this method requires extra care as excess water can damage the tobacco. Additionally, if the water is not sprinkled in the right amount, you might have to rehydrate the tobacco from time to time.

Humidity Levels For Pipe Tobacco

Pipe tobacco can be varied in nature and needs different levels of humidity to stay fresh. According to the commonly accepted view, a humidity range of 55% to 75% will work for you. The accurate level of humidity can be achieved according to your own preference. This can be done by experimentation or trial and error. 

humidity level of pipe tobacco

Another simple method to keep the humidity of your tobacco under check is to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Storage inconsistent temperatures go a long way in keeping the tobacco fresh.

Enjoy The Freshness

These are some simple ways to keep your pipe tobacco fresh. Storing and cellaring it in different ways can make your life much easier. Now that you have all the tips and tricks in your pocket enjoy the fresh pipe tobacco without any hassles and for as long as you want.