Six Must Have Products for Cigar and Pipe Tobacco Smokers

Your a cigar or a roll your own tobacco smoker and you are wondering what “must have” products should be readily accessible in the kitchen, walk in humidor and/or on the shelves to live large. Read on to know more about rolling tobacco for pipes and cigars.

Zippo lighters have been carried in the pockets, purses, handbags and smokers since the dawn of time. If you asked a GI during WWII who was getting ready to deploy what was the most important thing in their gear other than a weapon of choice the Zippo lighter was always at the top of the list.

For good reason: they work well, virtually indestructible, guaranteed for life, come in all sorts of sizes and designs. If you are a cigar smoker you want a Zippo lighter. There is no better smoking accessory money can buy.

The most indestructible, works great electric cigarette machine we carry is the PoweRoll Electric Cigarette Machine. Doesn’t ever mangle your tubes and filters, doesn’t ever jam up, easy to clean, portable and has a nice grip any surface bottom that grips any table or shelf you put it on.

Every cigar humidor should have an Alec Bradley American Classic nestled in a drawer, or maybe a dozen, your call. The Alec Bradley American Classic is made with a fine Nicaraguan tobacco that delivers nothing but great flavor, using classic traditional “Cuban methods” that underscore the qualities of cigars made back in the day in Cuba.

It’s an easy on the taste buds but good tasting mild cigar, with a mellow smooth taste that goes well after a lighter meal of fish and chicken and a chardonnay. Not so much with heavier meals and full bodied red wine. But, like everything in life, everything is subject to individual tastes, what’s being served for dinner or a night out on the town. We sell a ton of these cigars and they are highly recommended and get great reviews on our site.

A great cigar cutter: we highly recommend (and this is the model we use here in the office) like the Xikar Cigar Cutter. These cigar cutters are made for the discriminating cigar smoker, are keychain ready so you want lose them, work great, making a great cut every time, are as indestructible as your Zippo lighter, look great when you whip them out at your next cigar club meeting.

The Cigar Caddy Waterproof Cigar Humidor is perfect for any on the go cigar smoker who is heading for parts unknown but wants to make sure his/her cigars are going to arrive intact and ready to fire up, with no loss of burn properties or drying out. Looks cool, especially for those who like camouflage accoutrements that go with their jungle greens or want to hang out with Bear Grylls over a long week-end.

You are firing up a stock or roll your own pipe tobacco cigarette and your significant other wrinkles her nose a bit; we have the solution for you.  Our Smoke Odor Eliminator candles come in just about every flavor in the world: blueberry, strawberry, cherry, vanilla and these candles don’t just mask the smoke with a heavy smell in the air; they eat smoke and get rid of any unwanted odors and your house will smell better for it.

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