The Best Places To Buy Pipe Tobacco In The US

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Best Places To Buy Pipe Tobacco

Whenever it comes to smoking, we can’t help but agree to the fact that smoking tobacco from a pipe is one of the most regal, polished, and fashionable ways for any chain smoker or smoking enthusiast. The difference between a cigarette and pipe Tobacco are the flavors, the purity, and lastly, the quality of smoke it emits. Undoubtedly, Pipe Tobacco wins it all. However, one is quite unsure of the place to buy pipe Tobacco from. Here are the 5 best places to buy pipe tobacco in the US.

  • Cup O’ Joes, New York

One of the oldest Tobacco businesses in the United States, Cup O’ Joes blends, never seem to go out of fashion. Despite their blends going out of stock, they never disappoint with their quick replenishment. Located in New York, the store has over a hundred blends to choose from pertaining to the client’s preferences. Unlike other stores, however, Cup O’ Joes divides their tobacco blends into tinned or loose blends. From $2 to $ 75, this store has the selections for just everyone. From the magnificent Rattray’s Marlin flake to the most beloved Captain Black, you just can’t get enough of it. They offer worldwide shipping. So when you miss the fumes of the lovely blends anywhere in the world, just hop onto the site and order away.

  • Indian River Tobacco, Michigan 

“Choosing and trying out various pipe tobacco flavors is one of the most enjoyable parts of smoking.” We definitely agree with what Indian River Tobacco asserts. Indian River Tobacco in Michigan boasts of its premium and non-additive tobacco blends. Due to its transparency with its products and purity, IRT is certainly heading towards massive success. With a price range of $7 to $31, why would any Tobacco aficionado miss out on this? Their most popular blend is the Venguer blend, which is a genius mixture of flue-cured Gold Leaf, air-cured Burley, and Oriental tobacco. If you’re new to pipe smoking, then we definitely recommend this store due to its flexibility and transparency. What’s even better is that you can select and buy your desired blends in the comfort of your home. So what are you waiting for? Head to their site now!

  • Casa De Montecristo, Washington 

How could we forget the world’s most Famous Cigar brand? With its main stores in Washington, Casa de Montecristo is both a store and a bar for its clients. The infamous cigar brand also boasts of a well-curated range of pipe Tobacco. The ambiance of the place is admired by several customers, as well as the ethereal tobacco blends it has. Casa de Montecristo has 28 handpicked outlets across the United States. However, due to purity and legacy, the prices of pipe tobacco are very high. Nevertheless, this place makes up for it with its erudite staff and hypnotic ambiance. So the next time you want to enjoy a puff along with a pint of spirit, you can thank us for recommending this place.

  • Gatlin-Burlier Tobacconists, Tennessee 

Established in 1878, this regal Tobacco store in Tennessee has wonderful choices of handmade and flavored tobacco. Being a Recipient of 4 national awards for their skillful tobacco blending, you surely don’t want to miss out on them. Due to their popularity, a lot of their blends don’t last long enough and are quickly rendered out of stock. Their price ranges from a reasonable $13 to a wonderful $270. The price range is dependent on the blend you prefer as well as its quantity. They boast of the infamous Black Jack’s Bourbon blend for a whopping $270 for 5 lbs. If you want one of the best experiences for you from your smoke, then head to TN, and you will thank yourself.

  • Iwan Ries And Co, Chicago

Since 1857, Iwan Ries and Co. Chicago has become famous for its pristine pipe tobacco. Functioning since 1857, this also is the oldest family-run Tobacco business in the United States. Their tobacco collection is diverse, as well as the largest in the United States. This is sufficient for any level of pipe smoker. From the basic Capstan Tobacco to the well renowned Solani blends, this family seems to have all that it takes to present some of the fanciest tobacco in the US. Their price ranges from $8 to $55, depending on the type of pipe Tobacco you need. A reasonable price range to enjoy some of the best tobacco in the nation. If you love to try different flavors of tobacco, this is the place for you!

Whether you are an amateur or a Tobacco maven, smoking the finest blends in between your lips is definitely a heavenly experience. Remember that when you choose a blend, keep in mind your level of experience. Else you may go overboard with the blends and not enjoy it to the fullest. Remember, smoking is an engaging and relaxing activity. So to have the best experiences, add in your favorite blend, keep a glass of water, some slow-paced music, take a puff in and let all your worries and tensions flow out.