Top Strong Box Cigarette Case- 100mm Size


Windy City Cigars proudly presents the Top Strong Box Cigarette Case in a vibrant 100mm size and striking yellow color. This stylish and durable case not only safeguards your cigarettes but also adds a touch of personality to your smoking ritual. With features like enhanced protection, a fashionable design, and the option to choose between a single pack or a 12-case box, it caters to your specific needs. Top Strong Box Cigarette Case in its 100mm size offers more than just a stylish exterior. Inside, it boasts a clever design feature with two dividers that create three separate storage compartments. This thoughtful arrangement allows you to keep your cigarettes, filters, and other smoking essentials neatly organized and easily accessible. Moreover, Windy City Cigars offers a wide array of cigarette options, sizes, and a variety of smoking accessories, ensuring that you have everything you need to make your smoking experience exceptional. Don’t forget to explore our fantastic range of accessories to enhance your enjoyment. Shop now and discover the world of quality and craftsmanship at Windy City Cigars!

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