Best Cigarillos of 2023


Cigars come in different brands and make; one of them is called cigarillo. These are small-sized cigars rolled in the finest tobacco paper for smooth smoking. Cigarillos have around 3 grams of tobacco, far more in the content than that found in cigarettes. Of course, cigarillos are cigars, but they are smaller in size than the full-bred cigars; they are just a miniature of the cigars, you know. It means you have to smoke this cigar brand the same way you smoke the more giant cigars and not mistake them for cigarettes because they are different. By the way, check out black and mild cigars on our website

The cigarillo cigars are in different forms; some are made using the machine or a combination of machine bunched and human wrapped while some are entirely handmade. As you should have expected, the making of a cigar will reflect in its quality and price. Yes, delicately handcrafted cigarillos are usually more expansive than the mass-produced machine-quality ones.

The high demands for cigarillos often come from cigar aficionados pressed for time but still want to enjoy their round of smooth cigar. As you already know, cigar smoking is a lifestyle that means it is a part of people’s life. Cigars continue to enjoy new converts among successful people across the industry’s best hands. If you join the league of cigar lovers and want to up your hobby, don’t feel too bad you have been missing your favorite sweet cigars; now you can add something more to your collection with our ten best cigarillos of 2023


1. Backwoods Cigarillos 

Best Cigarillos

Backwoods is one of the most known cigarillos on the market. Each cigar has a natural construct with a brown-colored wrapper. However, they are thinner than standard cigars to give more of a cigarette-like appeal. Despite that, these are fantastic as cigars and perfectly humid. The tobacco is well-packed, and the burn is uniform.

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2. 4 Kings Cigarillos

Best Fruity Cigarillos

4 Kings is a very well-known cigarillo that has been producing home-run flavors for years. 4 Kings is made in the Dominican Republic a country that is known for producing some of the best tobacco. 4 Kings cigarillos have a known reputation for producing high-quality cigarillos with many wonderful flavors ranging from Berry Banana, Banana Split, cappuccino, Cinnamon Roll, Cool Mint, and many more. 


Best Green Cigarillos

These Dutch Master cigarillos are machine-made with a Sweet Aromatic taste. Every stick feature mellow and sweet tobacco flavors with an exceptional aroma. The brand came Dutch Masters has had a well-known reputation and captured the interest of smokers. The beauty of these small cigars is their flavorful tobacco blend without homogenized elements in them. It’s worth giving these dutch master cigarillos a shot.


Great Cigarillos

Swisher Sweets is by far the most well-known and most popular cigarillos on this planet with a slow-burning, amazingly smooth experience of smoke. Every puff of this cigarillo sends a pleasant smoking experience to the brain with a substantial calming effect. The cigarillo is packed in 2 sticks in each pouch. Swisher sweets come in many flavors for you to choose from.

5. White Owl Cigarillos 

Great tasting Cigarillos

White Owl has been around since 1987 producing some of the best slow-burning cigarillos straight from Alabama. The White Owls Cigarillos come in different sizes and flavors. White Owl comes in many flavors such as Strawberry, Mango, Grape, Vanilla, Pineapple, and many more. These are cigars small enough for your smoking enjoyment, both night and day. 

6. Blue Panter Cigars 


This delicious European cigarillo is a pleasant smoke with a delightful taste and is enjoyable in smoking. The Panter Blue is satisfying and nicely packaged to live up to its premium quality. It’s full of rich notes of a mild nutty smoke.

7. Miramar Cigars

Best Imported Cigarillos

Swisher International who is renowned for their famous Swisher Sweets cigar line created Miramar Cigars in Belgium. The Miramar cigars are of a size similar to that of cigarillos. They are made of natural tobaccos and are flavored with the creamy, rich essence of the finest flavors in order to give a slightly sweet and smooth smoke. 

8. Acid Cigarillos 

Best Acid Cigarillos

Drew Estate has done it again this time by releasing Acid Cigarillos that come in Blue, Green, and Red. All three with smooth delightful flavors. The experience of smoking an Acid Cigarillo is unlike no other each tantalizing with its own unique flavoring.

9. Davidoff Cigarillos

Best Mini Cigarillos

One thing comes to mind when you hear the name Davidoff and that is luxury. These Davidoff mini cigarillos are in a league of their own crafted in Sumatra wrapper and tobacco straight from Indonesia, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. You can’t go wrong picking one of these beautifully hand-rolled smooth tasting mini cigarillos gold.

10. Cohiba Pequenos Cigarillos

Best Cohiba Cigarillos

Cohiba the name is synonymous within the cigar world. These Cohiba Pequeno deliver an extraordinary taste of luxury in your mouth without having to worry about spending an hour of your time smoking a Cohiba cigar. These guys are perfect if you are short on time and want to smoke on the go. 

Why should we care?

Yes, a cigar is a cigar, but we care about smokers’ feelings and needs to enjoy their passion for premium cigars. Cigarillos are to the rescue where you care about smoking in a fast, urgent manner where the big cigars cannot meet your needs. Like your premium regular-size cigars, cigarillos come in different blends and qualities to satisfy your delicate taste.

At Windy City Cigars, your pleasure is our business, and we do that in a way to give you a sense of belonging because you are important to us. We take time to educate, inform, and supply everything you need. You can find most of these cigarillos at our store; if you have a comment or special request, don’t be shy; to talk to us now.


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