Best Gift Ideas for Cigar Smokers

best gift ideas for cigar smokers

There are many Cigar Aficionados out there. There is no better gift to give to a Cigar enthusiast than a cigar or a cigar accessory and the great thing is you can find Cigars Boxes Sale from a lot of stores. Let us realize at the very beginning that there isn’t only one particular best cigar gift that is apt for every smoker of cigars across the globe. And so, we have constituted a list of the best cigar gifts that can be gifted cigar fans underlining the criteria to be considered while choosing a specific kind of gift for a specific kind of smoker. Even though the general best cigar gift preferences listed below will make majority of the cigar aficionados’ day, your specific choice will be decided by the fact that how personally you are familiar with the receiver of the gift. Now, let us go through the cigar gift list:

A Cigar Box of the Recipient’s Desired Cigars

The finest gift that any cigar fan would love is his/her favorite box of cigars. Undeniably, this presumes that you are familiar or can one way or another learn precisely which cigar brand, blend, line, shape, size etc. that the recipient of the cigar gift adores the maximum. Moreover, it also presumes you are prepared to pay out the amount of cash on the recipient’s much-loved cigar gift. Then again, a lot of the cigar brands like Oliva Cigars can be bought in smaller amounts than a usual box containing about twenty five cigars so that it does not burn a hole in your pocket. You will be able to gift a cigar pack containing five cigars to your friend.

A Variety of Cigar Sampler Pack

A good number of smokers of cigars, both new and old, experience sampling various kinds of cigars. Just in case if you aren’t aware which cigar the gift receiver likes the most, then it’s preferable to gift a sampler packet having an assortment of cigars including the Macanudo Cigars instead of gifting an entire box of the cigar that he/she doesn’t favor. In a situation where you are gifting a cigar to a new smoker, then obviously he will not even have a preferred cigar. And newer smokers will usually fancy a mild to medium cigar, so choose a cigar packet having a multiplicity of cigars. In contrast, experienced cigar smokers will in all probability enjoy medium to full cigar variety.

Cigar Accessories

Once one starts smoking cigars, he/she will definitely require cigar accessories such as lighters, tubes, travel cases, cigar cutters and ashtrays. And one of these could be an impressive gift. One more idea is, if you want to gift a lighter, then customize it by having the recipient’s initials engraved on it. For newbies, a humidor could be a very useful gift. This could cost about 100 dollars for a smaller one. And for expert smokers, a larger and more elegant humidor is more appropriate. Or also a gift certificate of humidors can be gifted.

Coffee Table Book

A Coffee Table Book is another fantastic idea to be given as a gift to cigar smokers. It will contain cigar images and also latest information on cigars and the affluent history of cigars.

Hole in 1! Cigar Kit