Best Ways to Pack a Pipe With Tobacco

Pack a Pipe With Tobacco

There are a number of methods for packing your pipe with tobacco. A smoker should be able to draw his smoke properly regardless of the method he uses for the same. The methods for packing a pipe with loose tobacco are the stuff and puff method, the three step method, the frank method, the air pocket method, the two step method and a hybrid method also known as the Bob method. 

Out of all the above methods mentioned above, the best one is the one which is smooth and soothing to the smoker. It is not necessary to stick to just one method of packing. A smoker can try out different methods or can combine few methods and finally decide which method suits him best because different method varies from one smoker to another. 

Hence, there are no specific rules for packing your pipe with tobacco. Sometimes even a top selling tobacco fails to provide expected satisfaction. Many smokers also carry tin tobacco with different flavors. Switching from one flavor to another gives pleasure to the smoker as he can smoke any flavor depending on his mood. Many companies provide such products as a kit which includes tobacco pipe, tin tobacco, zippo lighters etc. such kind of offers are provided only if the purchase is done online.

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