How to Choose the Right Rolling Paper for You

How to Choose the Right Rolling Paper for You

Some people say that nothing is more satisfying than rolling your own joint. The challenge may come when it’s time to choose the perfect rolling paper for you. The various rolling paper brands serve you differently, and once you experience that difference, there is no turning back.

So how do you choose the right rolling paper for you?

Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Rolling Paper for You


  • The Size

Always remember that the bigger the size of rolling paper, the more cannabis you will need. Various sizes are available for you to choose from. They vary from single wide, double wide, and king size.

For beginners, a wider rolling paper will give you more room for error. A longer paper is ideal for rolling with the filter included. It doesn’t mean that you cannot roll with a king-size paper without including a filter. King size papers have become more synonymous with filters and are usually form a cone shape. The straight style rolling usually works with shorter papers.

Additionally, there are XXL-sized rolling papers for those who believe that you need to go big or go home.

  • Materials

Some of the materials that make rolling paper include:

    • Hemp – these rolling papers are usually stronger and undergo less processing
    • Flax – they are lighter and also offer strength
    • Rice – they are also lighter and do not influence the taste
    • Plant cellulose – they are transparent, allowing you to see what is inside
    • Flavored – usually made from hemp and infused with fruit flavors. They also get printed with soy-based inks

Anyone looking for rolling paper with minimal ash should go for rice rolling papers. However, they are more fragile and extinguish quickly.

If you are looking for a sturdy paper that can be easy to roll, consider going for a thicker hemp or flax rolling paper. The good thing is that the papers are available in unbleached and organic varieties.

  • Weight

Generally, considering weight means checking out the thickness of the paper. Although the papers vary from company to company, the general categories can be:

    • Fine or thin
    • Medium weight
    • Standard weight (also referred to as free burning)

Thicker papers are easier to roll, but you will have paper-flavored smoke. You can also experience uneven burning with the thicker rolling papers. With thinner papers, you will not taste paper in your smoke, but they can rip easily if you are still learning how to roll.

What to Remember

  • The rolling paper burns as the cannabis burns, meaning you also inhale smoke from the paper. Ensure the paper and the glue holding the joint together is non-toxic.
  • Bleached, scented, or colored rolling papers may put you at risk of lung irritation and other adverse reactions because you inhale the dyes and chemicals included.
  • The best rolling papers are from rice, hemp, and flax.
  • To have the best results, remove all the small stems and ensure the cannabis is evenly ground up.