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Macanudo Cigars and wine : A pairing made in heaven !

Macanudo Cigars

Macanudo Cigars    Whether you are paring Macanudo Cigars and scotch or Macanudo Cigars and beer or Macanudo Cigars and any other liquor, even a seasoned Cigar smoker and spirit connoisseurs sometimes get lost when pairing cigars with drinks. In fact, the ability to pair spirits and cigars strikes many just as a mystery. But […]

Butane Refill – Hash Oil’s Main Ingredient

Butane Refill

Portland, OR – It was six months since a house in Northeast Portland shattered violently across its neighborhood killing two people. Local police have informed us that the explosion was due to illegally cooking butane hash oil, where the end results was one severe. For most consumers a 300 ml can of Butane Refill will last […]

La Flor Dominicana Cigars – Ready For Super Bowl LII

La Flor Dominicana Cigars

There will be no victory cigars for the Minnesota Vikings this year, but those attending the Super Bowl at US Bank Stadium will have that chance thanks to La Flor Dominicana Cigars. This is turning out to be a yearly tradition and fans are loving this special Football Edition cigar to be sold via host […]

Getting Stoned With Mike Tyson – Its Possible At Tyson Ranch

So it turns out that former heavy weight boxing champ Mike Tyson is also a big supporter of cannabis farming both for medical and personal consumption. On Jan 1, 2018 its being reported that Iron Mike has had a ground breaking event to unveil his 40 acre ranch. It’s a cannabis farm where you can […]

Founder of Oliva Cigar Co. and Nub Cigars Passes Away at 86

The founder of the Oliva Cigar Company Gilberto Oliva Sr. has passed away at the age of 86. His family started their tobacco roots in Cuba, in 1886. During the Cuban revolution in the mid 1950’s he fled like many others at that time. He began working as a tobacco broker in Nicaragua, where he […]

Does Bill Clinton Enjoys Gurkha Cigars?

Now that Bill Clinton is retired as President of the United States he can kick back and put his feet up and enjoy one of the most expensive cigars in the world. According to Chief Executive Officer Kaizad Hansotia and maker of the HMR (His Majesty’s Reserve) it’s “the world’s most expensive cigar”. One box […]

Cigarette Rolling Machine – Invented in 1880

It was 1880 and a young man named James Duke was about to start a new business within the tobacco industry known as ready, rolled cigarettes. It was 2 years earlier when he met another young man named James Bonsack who was perfecting the first ever cigarette rolling machine. Duke felt that his tobacco followers […]

Residents Try To Kill Spider With Torch Lighter – Causes Fire

Redding, California – According to firefighter’s residents of a small apartment accidentally started a fire by trying to kill a spider with a torch lighter. When firefighters arrived they could easily see smoke coming out of the first and second story windows. Within 15 minutes they had the blaze under control and the flames were […]

Fire Evacuations Lead to Illegal Butane Fuel Hash Oil Lab

Shortly after 11 am Wednesday the Santa Barbara County sheriff’s investigators responded to a home in the 2200 block of Bella Vista Drive. They were initially responding to a mandatory evacuation due to the raging fires in California when they came upon an illegal marijuana butane hash oil extraction lab. The sheriff’s department was notified […]

Ronson Butane – Zippo Lighters – Don’t Use To Light Your Cigar

Michael Herklots is Nat Shermans Cigar Company’s Executive Director of Retail and Brand Development shares his thoughts on the best way to light a cigar. One of the biggest mistakes for lighting a cigar is using a Zippo lighter. Most screw ups are centered on mangling the head, messing up the cut, but lighting up […]

3 Top Blunt Wraps – Dutch Masters Cigars, Swisher Sweets, Acid Cigarillos

Do you like rolling blunts? Have you wondered which blunt wraps are better than others? We’ve tested several and although subjective we came up with 3 top blunt wraps for your consideration. Swisher Sweets There are three important qualities that stand out with the Swisher Sweets cigarillos. (1) They burn very even and it’s a […]

Head Shop Found Not Guilty – Selling Pipe Accessories

Manitowoc, WI – There has been a crackdown of head shops across the country where local authorities have decided these shops are selling illegal drug paraphernalia to its customers. A head shop from Pennsylvania was recently found guilty of selling illegal drug paraphernalia and pipe accessories where the jury had no proof the customer was […]

500 Pre-Embargo Punch Corona Cigars – Go For $51,564 at Auction

There was over 300 different lots of vintage Cuban cigars that were sold at auction earlier this year raising nearly $553,000 in total sales. C. Gars LTD from the United Kingdom highlighted several rare offerings, including some cigars that pre-dated the Cuban embargo and other limited editions and brands long discontinued. The cigar that brought […]

Club Macanudo – Roof Top Cigar Bar Overlooking Times Square

It was no more than 3 months after Nat Sherman Cigars moved out of the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York City than Club Macanudo took its place. The legendary cigar bar and restaurant is looking to expand its reach in the NY cigar lounge world by opening its new rooftop bar, overlooking Times Square. “We […]

Dunhill Tobacco – Auctions Off Old Tobacco Pipes, Jars, Books

Alfred Dunhill opened his first tobacco shop in Edwardian London and upon doing so he decided that his shop needed and eye catching display to get customers attention. Mr. Dunhill first started buying tobacco pipes, jars and books because he wanted to add to his display cabinet and what started out as a commercial ploy […]