Three Great Cocktails that Rock a Pipe Smoking RYO Type’s World

Most of the country is not in what is called the shoulder season: it’s not summer yet and spring is only peaking through in certain parts of the country. 

So, while you are rolling your own pipe tobacco cigarette in the confines of your hacienda here are five great drinks you should know how to make for the summer season.

Champagne Cocktail is a Must Know How to Make 

A champagne cocktail sends the signal to your party-goers or bae that you know what you are doing back behind the bar. It looks gorgeous and elegant in hand or on a table setting. 

Ingredients: 4 oz of sparkling wine, one sugar cube and Angostue bitters. Soak the sugar cube in the bitters and drop it into the sparkling wine and throw a lemon peel on top to give it a little zest and curb appeal. 

Aged Rum Daiquiri is always a Winner

Replace white rum you would typically use in a daiquiri and replace it with an aged rum that has a slight hint of caramel. This cocktail is easy to make and goes with any flavor of pipe tobacco and will be a hit with your RYO friends. 

You need 2oz of fine rum (Venezuelan rum goes great with a nice Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic premium cigar) add one ounce of good lime juice a bit of simple basic syrup and add ice and stir and serve it with a coupe glass. 

If you Can’t Make a Highball You May be in too Deep for Rescue 

Get some good whiskey, not off the shelf whiskey that your local grocery store sells; the good stuff like a bottle of Scotch Whiskey; i.e. Auchentoshan American Oak which will ensure a perfect highball every time. 

While we are on the topic a highball, it’s basicaly any spirit that is served with a beverage over ice – this covers a lot of territory. The term “highball” came about in the late 1800’s and it’s carried this moniker ever since, used by bartenders and casual drinkers. 

RYO lifestyle sober up poster

Most folks don’t know exactly what a highball is – really any drink made with Scotch and soda, gin and tonic or a cooler of any type can be classified as a highball. 

Serve a highball in the right glass (big) and mix the drink the way the old timers did, build the drink in your glass by slowly adding ingredients one at a time, don’t stir it too much and never use a carbonated beverage that has been sitting around in the fridge for a day or two. 

A flat highball made with leftover beverage is never going to go over well with the drinker: <Never!! 

The Worst Foods to Pair with a Drink and a Fine Premium Cigar 

Salty snacks like nuts are never a good thing: booze, alchohol, the nectar of the Gods, whatever you want to call the social lubricant all alcohol is going to dry you out and salty snacks will only accelerate the process. 

Salads are a non starter for a night on the town thinking you have something on the stomach; unless you have a protein source (fisth or chicken) in the salad that booze is going to shoot into your system like a fast Porsche on a dry track. 

moonshine shining down on a cabin with RYO folks

Sushi, see number one above; Sushi is always going to be dunked in Soy sauce and it’s going to dehydrate you as fast if not faster than a salty snack. Stick with something more solid like a good steak and potatoes; sorry vegans but that’s how we roll. 

French or home fries always give you a coating of grease and that’s going to cause problems later when you layer over booze on top of all that grease. Just think about it. 

Buffalo wings or anything super spicy. If it’s going to wreak some havoc with your digestive system without any booze just weigh how throwing booze into a spicy goo in your stomach and how that may impact the evening. Go easy early on for a night of fun. 

Okay you are out there rolling around town with your friends and your thinking about how you are going to choose a premium cigar for an evening of fun take a dive into our under sixty seconds review of selecting a premium cigar. 

Have fun and be nice to each other. Thanks for stopping by and if we can help you in any way just dial us up on our toll free number ping us on Facebook or Instagram: we are RYO friendly folks.