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ACID Cigars

ACID might not be the most famous cigar brand out there, but it's pretty high up on the list. Beloved by cigar enthusiasts from all over, ACID is one of the best cigar brands in the market. Cigar lovers swear by the ACID brand, and for a good reason! ACID cigars are unique in every way, shape, and form. Many competitors have tried to replicate ACID's unique flavor and pleasant aroma, but none of them have come close to these smooth, botanically blended cigars.


Part of what makes ACID cigars so special is the tobacco itself. ACID brand only uses the highest quality of tobacco leaves from all over the world. Each stogie is filled with three to four types of tobacco, mixed together to make the perfect blend of pleasant yet robust flavor. The blend is then carefully mixed with herbs, botanical ingredients, and essential oils to create an aromatic medley that is fragrant but not overwhelming. No other brand can replicate the smoking experience of an ACID cigar because the recipes are top secret, making ACID cigars unlike any other tobacco product available today.


ACID cigars are filled with a unique blend of high-quality tobacco and 100 different natural ingredients and essential oils. All ACID cigars are handcrafted, and no two cigars can ever be the same. However, all ACID cigars have a signature spicy, sweet tang that is unlike any other brand.  These stogies have a great flavor that all cigar-lovers will enjoy, with hints of honey, red wine, white pepper, and citrus.


ACID prides itself on quality and customer satisfaction, which is why each ACID cigar is treated as a work of art. The dedication to a luxury smoking experience results in many happy customers. There's a reason why the ACID cigar brand makes over 10 million dollars a year - because they are worth it!