The Most Expensive Cigars In The World

The Luxurious High – Most Expensive Cigars In The World

A cigar connoisseur knows that a perfect cigar is the product of an excellent combination of weather, geographical location, and skills of experienced tobacco rollers. There is a fair bit of thought put into rolling a fine pack of the cigar. This combination of selection and skills is what carries a hefty price tag on these cigars. 

There are cigars that are a symbol of luxury and panache! But few are as expensive as to break the bank. We have combined below, a list of most expensive cigars in the world for all the aficionados who are eager to dig out their pockets to have a royal smoking experience.

  • Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar- $1 million

A seven-figure price tag sets the standard for lavish smokes. The cigar is packed with fine Himalayan tobacco that is only watered using Fiji water. Each cigar is wrapped in gold leaf and adorns diamonds of about five carats. The cigar is infused with the luscious Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII. To ensure the extravaganza of its quality, only selected blindfolded artisans roll this cigar, blindfolding heightens their other senses and removes distractions. If you can afford this lavish cigar, it will be personally delivered to you by a messenger wearing white gloves.

  • Mayan Sicars-$507k 

These well-preserved cigars are dated back to 600 years ago. The Mayan Sicars were discovered by a team of archaeologists from Tampa University. These cigars are still in excellent condition because they were buried deep under the ground in sealed clay pots. This discovery led to a fight among tobacco connoisseurs to get a hand on this prized possession. A collector, Gary Liotta, took home the entire collection by bidding the highest at $507k.

  • Double Corona- Regius Cigars Ltd.- $54k per cigar

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A single, special-edition cigar was created and sold at $54000 to a businessman Callum Jones in 2013. This cigar comes with a guided personal tour of the factory in Nicaragua so that the buyer can witness the process firsthand. The buyer also gets 1000 custom rolled smokes along with their naming rights. If the Regius Cigars like buyer’s work, they will market the custom rolled cigars as part of their range.

  • Gran Habano No. 5 El Gigante- $185,000

This exceptional piece was created as a display item meant to be showcased during trade shows. It is the world’s biggest cigar. 1600 pounds of tobacco leaves were used to fill this cigar, which can be smoked by 40 people at a time. Although it was not meant to be sold, a cigar enthusiast bought it for $185,000. 

  • King of Denmark- $4500 per cigar

King of Denmark provides the buyer, liberty of customizing the cigar as per their liking. They can add a gold foil containing inscriptions and jewels to the band. They come in a fancy humidor worth $8500 adorning a sterling silver crown plated with 24-carat gold. 

  • Gurkha Black Dragon- $115k per box

Gurkha Black Dragon cigar has a spicy punch and buttery note owing to tobacco leaves from Honduras. The cigar has a leather-like texture and is placed in a handcrafted limited-edition camel bone box that carries 100 cigars. This aged cigar highlights a mix of cured Dominican Seco filler and aged African Cameroon binder, rolled in a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro.

  • Arturo Fuente Opus X- $30,000 per box

The Arturo Fuente Tobacco Company manufactured these cigars to mark the 10th anniversary of their product Opus X. They manufactured about 100 forbidden X humidors, each having 100 cigars. They were offered in numerous colors and finishes and are known to have a distinctly smooth taste. 

  • Cohiba Behike- $18000 per box

The Cuban cigar Emperor Cohiba named their 40th-anniversary release Behike to honor a chieftain of Taino Indians. Only 100 humidors hosting 40 cigars were made. Tobacco used was cultivated and blended in the Cohiba factory at El Laguito. They came in a  unique humidor made with skate skin, bone, and ebony. 


  • Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve- $15000 per box

The cigars are made with 18-years old tobacco having a rich chocolate undertone. The rolls are enhanced with premium Louis XIII Cognac and wrapped in rare Dominican wrappers. Less than 100 boxes are made, and the company President decides the buyers for these boxes every year. 

  • Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario- $7500 per box 

It is a limited release to mark the 100th anniversary of the Fuente Cigar Company.

Each humidor hosts 96 cigars with 46 alternative Dominican wrappers. The tobacco used is aged for seven years to develop a strong punch and rich taste.