What Is The Correct Way To Smoke A Cigar?

Correct way to smoke a cigar

Taking The Right Puff From Your Cigar

Smoking cigars is way different than a smoking pipe or a cigarette. All of them may need you to take a drag to the lungs, but certain norms distinguish them. If you want to enjoy a cigar, especially with a company of friends or acquaintances, then it is paramount for you to learn how to smoke a cigar correctly.

You may already know how to choose your cigar (backwoods cigars is our favorite) and a proper way to cut it, but it all comes down to how well you light it up and take those perfect drags. 

How To Light Your Cigar?

You may use a matchstick, but it is a mistake for a beginner. Inevitably, a match does not last long, and it can alter your burning process. So what can you do? The best choice is a lighter as it will provide you uniform burn. You have to evenly light the cigar and take a couple of puffs.

How To Light Your Cigar

While lighting the cigar, you may have to take around four to five short and quick puffs to ensure that the cigar is lit up uniformly and won’t extinguish anytime soon. After that, you can get right down to smoking it. If you want to look like a professional, then lower the match or lighter while placing the tip from the top on the flame. This is the best way to light up your cigar.

Don’t Inhale Right From The Start

It takes a couple of puffs for the cigar to burn uniformly, after which it will provide you a thick texture of smoke that appears white. Once you achieve this result, you can start smoking. Take a couple of drags that are limited to your mouth for you to accumulate the taste, and your body will start getting ready.

After that, you can start taking short drags of the cigar to test its strength. Don’t take long drags to appear like an avid smoker. Take your time and explore the taste profile of the cigar. There is no need to rush, and there is no need to take consistent drags to upkeep the flames, either. It will burn uniformly without requiring drags.

Smoking Cigar Requires A Virtue

A cigar is not suitable for a quick smoking break. Even the smallest cigars burn for at least 15 to 20 minutes. If you are holding a full-fledged cigar, then it will last at least 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the company and how often you take a drag. Hence, you should not rush smoking cigars and take quick puffs. That will result in brain high that will leave you impaired, or you may end up coughing too much. In other words, the virtue that you need is patience when smoking the cigar. 

What Should You Do With The Ash?

Ash retention is one of the qualities a smoker looks for in a cigar. The higher the ash retention, the better the quality of the cigar. Therefore, you should not tap the ash into the tray. Allow it to naturally brush off with the winds or due to weight over time. Don’t tap the cigar to drop the ash, as some people like the ‘essence’ of ash mixed in their drag. This is the proper way to smoke a cigar.

How To Cut A Cigar?

It might be possible that you don’t know how to cut a cigar. For that, you should use a cutter, and even if the person asks you to, never bite the top of the cigar off. Please don’t use a knife either, as it can ruin the cigar, and certainly don’t try to rip it by using your hands. All of this would spoil the quality. A proper cutter is vital to enjoying the cigar.

how to cut a cigar

Some people also prefer to take off the label from the cigar. You can keep it there until your cigar has reached the label point. In the end, you would have to remove it. 

Smoke Till Your Heart’s Content

Viola! Now you know how to smoke your cigar like a professional. You can also keep a drink or water with you to soothe your throat as you smoke. That’s all you need, folk! Enjoy the new hobby of smoking cigars.