Dunhill Tobacco – Auctions Off Old Tobacco Pipes, Jars, Books

Alfred Dunhill

Alfred Dunhill opened his first pipe tobacco shop in Edwardian London and upon doing so he decided that his shop needed and eye catching display to get customers attention.

Mr. Dunhill first started buying tobacco pipes, jars and books because he wanted to add to his display cabinet and what started out as a commercial ploy quickly turned into passion. 

Mr. Dunhill collected pipes for years and had a collection from around the world. In 1959 he passed away and ever since his collection has been stored away until now. The Dunhill museum and collection was open for auction at Christies in London and was expected to garner more than $67,000.

Other notable items include a Meerschaum pipe bowl dated from 1880 and could fetch up to $1,600. Also a tobacco catalog from 1874 estimated at $4,000 and 18th century tobacco jars that could garner up to $6,700.

“He was a real entrepreneur,” said Peter Tilley, curator of Dunhill’s museum and archive. “He started the pipe collection as a way of supporting his nascent business. But I think that they were very much his personal purchases.”

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