Five Great Premium Cigars for that Deserving Man or Woman in Your Life

Five Great Cigars for Aficianados who want Great Taste


Five Great Premium Cigars

What were referred to as classic premium cigars are making a comeback, not only in you local cigar club, but you?ll find more and more hip cigar smokers of all genders (hello ladies) and classes pulling a stick out for a smoke with a fine glass of whatever suits their fancy in just about any location.

And, yes, if you want to buy something out of the ordinary for that special person in your life then we?d recommend considering one of these fine classic cigars as a great gift that?s going to stand out from the crowd.

This group of recommended cigars range in costs from under $100 to $200 for a box and we?ll give you a suggested retail price for all, which is always subject to change based on supply and demand.?

And, please know the best cigar for you is always subject to change, as your tastes expand and you expect more taste and sophistication from a premium cigar.

Lets start with a classic: the CAO Colombia Churchill aptly named for the famous statesmen is a moderately price, full flavored cigar made with Colombian tobacco, which is somewhat of a rarity due to its country of origin. You?re getting a stick grown in the beautiful Pacific coast of Columbia: think warm ocean air of the ocean imparting a unique flavor that?s never going to be harsh.

It?s provenance starts typically with a Cuban seed and the tobacco is grown along the coastline of Columbia, giving the cigar a mild to medium bodied smoking experience, with a hint of java and sea salt and a dash of caffeine that will give you a mild jolt when you smoke it.

Let?s talk about one of the all time classic cigars on everyone?s short list during the holiday season: The Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Belicosco a world class truly premium cigar that will light up the face of any recipient getting a box of these babies as a gift any time of year. As a gift, the cost is usually under a hundred for a box and it will show you care.

This stick makes a statement when you fire it up and it?s a delicious smoke too. Featuring Dominican or Nicaraguan long filler tobacco, rich in taste but with a body that?s not going to blow you out of the water, with a Connecticut shade wrapper. It?s for that man or woman in your life that likes to live a bit on the edge, the colorful red band is bold like the cigar ? not too mild and strong enough to pack some punch. A box of Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Belicosco will set you back about $200.


The third classic premium cigar on our short list is the Alec Bradley American Classic Robusto ? lets warn you early on and tell you this stick packs some real cigar flavor, with a strong Nicaraguan tobacco filler buffered with a milder Connecticut and Honduran wrapper that gives you a smoother blended taste, with a touch of nuts, sweetness and coffee that will please the discerning tastes of any premium cigar smoker. It?s a great cigar, with a cost usually under $100 per box.

The Victor Sinclair Primeros Toro is not a household name for many cigar aficionados; but it?s an economical cigar that costs under $3 a stick with a lot of flavor that won?t overwhelm your senses.

Featuring a taste producing Connecticut shade wrapper and a Dominican filler with Seco tobacco and a pinch of Ligero that imparts a little spice that keeps you guessing about the complex flavor. It?s a great all around premium cigar, well priced and yet good quality.

The always classic great tasting Rocky Patel Renaissance Churchill Premium Cigar is characterized with a rich, very complex yet balanced smoke, with a well-formed cap, featuring blended premium tobacco from a variety of regions around the world, including Nicaraguan filler and binder.

This is a great cigar and we almost always have it on sale, with a cost of just over a $100 with a suggested retail price of $150 per box. It?s an award winning premium cigar that consistently provides the rich flavor you?d expect from a much more expensive cigar.

Let?s close and say there is no best cigar for that discerning cigar aficionado in your life ? if you?re buying a box off cigars as a gift any of the selections in this list will please the recipient, all are priced under two hundred bucks and consistently ranked as great cigars.