How Kennedy bought 1,200 hand rolled Cuban cigars just hours before he ordered blockade of communist state 50 years ago

President John F Kennedy directed an assistant, Pierre Salinger to obtain the maximum number of Cuban cigars he could buy on 6th February, 1962 only hours before he sanctioned the U.S. trade embargo which consequently made Cuban cigars illegal.

 Afterwards, just seconds later he was communicated that 1200 Petit Upmanns were purchased for him, he signed up the order to ban all of Cuba’s products from the United States.

 It’s been 50 years since the ban and the world has changed to a large extent but the ban is still unchanged. Defenders say that it is a right thing against an oppressive government that has been a constant annoyance to the U.S. while critics think it is an unsuccessful policy as it has affected ordinary Cuban citizens rather than the government.

 The U.S. previously had placed some limited sanctions on Cuba, but the decision of Kennedy was the starting of a complete ban on U.S. trade with Cuba and has continued ever since.

 On the 50th anniversary of the ban, the Cuban-American associates of Congress released a joint statement declaring to continue the pressure on Cuba. The policy supporters admit that many of the U.S. strategic matters from the 1960s have been forgotten. But they feel that other rationalizations remain, like the requirement to push for more personal and political freedom in Cuba and repossession of U.S. property in Cuba.

 The U.S. could be a natural major trade associate and source of tourism as there is just a 90 miles of sea between Cuba and Florida. However, the embargo obstructs most commerce and also the rigid fines keeps off major of the Americans going to balmy resorts such as Cayo Coco.

 Cuba is allowed to do business with other countries, but the U.S. warns restrictions against foreign companies not abiding by its sanctions.

 The Cuban authorities constantly criticizes the United States at the United Nations against the blockade which causes shortage of everything and stresses that the U.S. ends this policy.  And the majority of the countries agree and tremendously support a resolution criticizing the embargo. In November, apart from Israel associating with the U.S. in opposition, 186 nations backed the measure.

 Moreover, every year Cuba revises its assessment of how much the prohibition has cost it.

 The U.S. does in fact have a substantial dealing with Cuba under a clause permitting the sale of some medicines and food products. According to the recently available information, the United States sold $410 million worth of food products to Cuba, making it the seventh biggest trading partner in the year 2010.

 John F Kennedy’s favorite is claimed to be the hand rolled Upmann cigar. According to online cigar store reviews it is known to be one of the oldest cigar brands of Cuba and are medium-flavored. They use a distinctive blend of superior quality tobacco from a region in Cuba known as Vuelta Abajo. H Upmann cigars were launched by two brothers in 1844 in Havana, Herman and August Upmann. The Petit Upmann, preferred by JFK, was stopped in 2002. Cuban cigars can be found in cigar stores online and online cigar shop.  

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