How to find the Perfect Cigar

Cigar Sampler Packs – Good or Not

Have you ever come across and smoked just a specific cigar and thought that is was so much pleasurable that you visited a tobacconist and purchased a whole box of that exact cigar, but only to be disheartened later to discover that not even one of the acid cigars contained in the carton or box could measure up to that cigar you had at first loved so much initially?

There are odds of this happening sometimes. Let us do away with any variations in the making of the cigars, then what do you think is the reason for this?

It perhaps could be some other aspect that may well be influencing the state of your taste once you finish eating a specific kind of meal or at some specific time of a day.

Or is the reason possibly the diverse conditions in which one smokes a cigar for example, humidity, room temperature, condition of the atmosphere, environs, back drop, associated drink, company or several other outdoor factors? And the answer is simply yes. Yes, these factors do have an influence on the cigar and the experience of cigar smoking.

Many times, it is very beneficial to read what the view is of different cigar smokers regarding a specific cigar before you come to a conclusion whether to purchase it and give it a try or not. However, each and every smoker has a different taste or liking for a cigar.

And all the cigar smokers have their own favorites and this is the reason why it is vital one should experiment and test a huge array of cigars before you make your mind up on a preference or preferences. Also, if you by this time know which cigar you are fond of, then in due course, you will every time be adept to discover another cigar say Cheyenne Filtered Cigars that you enjoy even more.

But if you are just a fresh smoker whose had a poor experience in smoking a couple of cigar, then I would advise that you should not lose hope and believe that you do not enjoy cigars.

Don’t worry, there are numerous other cigars such as Ashton Cigars that are more fitting for a newbie that will alter your mind. The only thing is of course you will have to find them and obviously ensure you are familiar with smoking them accurately.

But, remember there is single last caution to reflect on while searching for that perfect cigar. While you go on with smoking, your taste will gradually progress and vary as time passes.

Also, there is a huge probability that at some point after you find that perfect cigar, let assume maybe in acid cigars, your palate is bound to transform, and then, you will have to take up again the hunt for that elusive cigar yet again. Eventually, it is change that makes cigar smoking a delight!