How to Operate a Cigar Shop

choosing a cigar

Managing a business could be a challenge on a day to day basis. Then again, combine functioning a business with a top-quality specialty product like cigars and you could certainly have a difficult situation to face. Running a cigar business requires you to deal with persons who have enough money to pay $10 or even more for a single piece cigar. With a specialized market like cigars, you need to hand the daily functions by keeping the following in mind:

  1. Offer a store atmosphere that will be appealing and liked by those considering to buy cigars and associated products. Remember that most of the cigar fans are linked with greater incomes and standard of life. So do your best to portray a sore that is clean and properly ventilated and lays emphasis on the tobacco aroma. Moreover, ensure that the staff should be friendly, mature and knowledgeable.

  2. Recognize who your clients are. Usually, older and more well off men are more suitable to enjoy a cigar regularly than other persons. These group of people might be even more predominant in a brick-and-mortar store where rates are higher because of overhead expenses in contrast to even the?best cigar store online.

  3. Offer an environment that is favorable so that people can enjoy cigars. Many a time persons enjoy smoking cigars as a means of experiencing a quiet hour which could be a welcome respite from frantic daily schedule. A store which is stocked with a good selection of cigars and accessories, well-informed and polite service and a relaxing lounge will be appreciated.

  4. Ensure that you promote your store well. As soon as you ascertain your customer base, create a way to expand a database and collect personal information. Getting emails and mailing addresses is fantastic so present drawings to acquire this information. Giveaways can comprise a box of cigar matches,?cigar cases?or free?cigar cutter. Think about presenting a one month free membership to your cigar club, if existing, with an extra discount for a yearly membership. Follow-up on the database with invitations, store flyers and any other ways of bringing back the customer in the store.

  5. Advertise intelligently. Utilize existing space for a big signage on the store. Place advertisements in magazines and local newspapers. Be innovative with your advertising and try to get the best value for your money spend. Bear in mind that a lot of areas have anti-smoking rules or legislation undecided. Be ready for the ignorance when trying to advertise your store, but be determined.

  6. Talk to your clients. Learn what they like and require. Going to a cigar store and having somebody knowing your likes and dislikes can be very helpful. Always try up sale products and attempt to make extra sales. Give suggestions to the customer to buy a product that may give a similar experience but at a higher price.


If implemented, the above steps can definitely you to run your cigar store like any?top online cigar stores in an effective way.

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