How to roll using Kashmir Rolling Papers & Wraps

How to roll using Kashmir Rolling Papers & Wraps

Why roll a joint

One question is common among smokers: “how do I roll a joint?” while there are several ways to consume cannabis, blunt rolling still remains the best. Although learning how to roll a blunt can be discouraging, it can turn into art when you master it.

A blunt is a cannabis cigar, and some people refer to it as an inexpensive cigar or cigarillo hallowed out and re-rolled using ground cannabis. Some people are familiar with a blunt but don’t know the process involved in rolling a blunt. Blunt rolling is now common, and some companies sell blunt wraps to make rolling a blunt an easy process. That means you can buy blunt paper and roll it with ease. Before you start rolling a blunt, you might like to know why people roll blunts.

Why roll blunts

Most people roll blunt because they enjoy it, especially because blunt can turn a weed that is not so good into a worthwhile smoke. If you are going on a long car ride, blunt rolling can be perfect for your journey because you will appreciate the reduction of paraphernalia with blunt smoking compared to paper and pipes. If you check social media, you will see that some celebrities enjoy smoking it. But you don’t need to be rich to enjoy this smoking experience.

In this article, you will learn how to roll a blunt without any hassle. But before you start rolling your blunt, make sure you have the right accessories, including cannabis, wrap, grinder, and a lighter. Are you ready? Let’s roll your blunt!

How to roll

1. Grind your cannabis

The first step is to prepare your cannabis by grinding it. Grab your favorite strain and grind it. Grinding it uniformly will allow it to burn slowly with a smooth draw. When grinding, you can use a weed grinder to make it easy for you. It will also grind it smoothly. You could use your hands, too, as it even makes the blunt burn a little slower.

2. Prepare your blunt wrap

You need a wrap to prepare your blunt. Traditionally, people will empty a cigarillo to wrap the blunt, but you can buy empty wraps to wrap your blunt. If you are emptying a cigarillo, use a blade to split it open lengthwise or use your fingers if you’ve got the right touch to crack it open. Empty the tobacco once you split the cigar open and discard it or save it for another time. If you choose the wraps specifically made for blunt rolling, it is hassle-free as you don’t need to follow the process of emptying it.

3. Wet your wrap

To make it easy to wrap your weed, you need to moisten the wrap. Moistening it will make it easier for you to seal up the tears that occurred while you are emptying it. You can use the tip of your finger to put water from the tap if you are rolling it for someone, but if you are rolling it for your use, you can use your saliva.

4. Fill the wrap

After moistening the wrap, spread the ground marijuana across the inner part of the wrap in a line. Make sure the marijuana is even as possible. If you are an experienced roller, you should be able to fit in a fair amount, but a beginner should fill it with what will be easy to roll. But you should make sure the marijuana is even.

5. Roll the wrap

After filling up the wrap evenly, roll the marijuana between your fingers and ensure it is even. If you don’t moisten the wrap very well, it may crack. Use your finger to smooth wrinkles while rolling it. In case your blunt crack or you mistakenly poke a hole while rolling, you can use gummy adhesive to repair it.

6. Bake your blunt

After successfully rolling the blunt, the next thing is to bake it or dry it so it can seal together and burn even when you are enjoying it. Bake it lengthwise under the seam and around the outside. Remember not to hold the lighter too close to it because what you need is the heat, not the flame.

7. Enjoy your Cigarette 

The blunt is ready, and you can enjoy it. When you are choosing the brand of cigar you want to split open and use the wrap, always look for two things, including moisture and freshness. Don’t buy a cigar that has dust accumulated on it. There are wraps you can use without having to split anything open because companies are now producing wrap papers you can use to roll your blunt. If you are looking for a hassle-free way to roll your blunt, it makes sense to choose empty papers specifically made for this purpose.

Are you looking to roll your blunt with the weed content you like? You can follow the above process to get the job done. The blunt wraps are available in different delicious flavors. If you love to keep it simple, you can choose peanut butter, juicy blueberry, or any flavor you like. These days, you have wide varieties that don’t only taste great, but their flavors permeate every draw. Whether it is a weekend outing or you just want to relax in your home and enjoy, a few puffs from a blunt can make the difference. Roll your blunt, and enjoy!

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