How To Travel With Cigars

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How to travel with cigars: Do and Don’t

You can go with cigar anywhere in the world. However, you won’t like your cigar that the body has collapsed because something was placed on it. Since you need your cigar body to be smooth, round, and fresh, there are Dos and Don’ts; you need to know when traveling with cigars.

Why should you care for your cigar when traveling?

A cigar is sponge-like products; fragile in such a way that when you place a heavy object on it makes it collapse. Also, a cigar is affected by moisture and temperature. It needs a humidity of 70% for the best moisture and a 70-degree temperature. A cigar is sensitive to odor and will absorb the aroma and taste in its surroundings. Usually, people travel with all sorts of items packed in their luggage, and any could contain high-offending smell that can affect a cigar.

Luckily, you can smoke on the plane if you are a smoker. That means your cigar must be close by for easy reach when you desire to smoke. Whether you are going by airplane, road or train, there are things you should Do and Don’t Do with a cigar when traveling.

The Dos of traveling with a cigar

There are essential Dos relating to cigar to consider before embarking on your journey; here are some you should take note.

  • Pack your cigar neatly. Think of best way to pack your cigar. You don’t want your cigar to be affected by bad odor or become too dry or moist to smoke.
  • Protect your cigar. Find the best hand baggage to store your cigar for easy reach and preserve the quality. Get a hardcover store that is not easy to collapse if anything rests on the bag containing your cigar. Get a lockable container with a hardcover that is not easy to collapse might be the ideal storage for your cigar. I recommend Cigar Caddy 40 Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidor B; aze Orange+ 2 FREE CigarsWith this cigar storage, you can have up to 40 cigar supplies for your journey without lacking your favorite smoke. At least, it allows you enough time to locate the nearest cigar store to replenish your supply.
  • Get the best cigar lighter. Find out the right kind of lighter allowed and get a few handy. You can pick up the Army Emblem Zippo Lighters and secure your source of fire to light up your cigar anytime.
  • Do get the right type of cigar cutter. Ensure to pick your cigar cutter and other useful accessories you need for smoking. For cutter, you will find the Bullet Punch Cigar Cutter a handy cutting tool on your journey.
  • Get enough supply. Consider how long you will be staying on your journey and get enough cigars to last. It is not everywhere you visit; you can get your brand or taste of a cigar; it is best to have enough supply on your trip. Of course, if you are within reach, you can trust Windy City Cigar for the continued supply of your favorite cigar anywhere you are.
  • Obey smoking rules. Understand the smoking law or regulation of your environment before you smoke. It is a friendly gesture to respect the no-smoking or smoking-allowed rules around you.

The Don’ts of traveling with the cigar

As there are Dos when going with the cigar, there are Don’ts you must keep in mind; we share a few below.

  • Don’t check-in your cigar luggage. Since you don’t have a say in how the flight attendant will pack your luggage in the luggage compartment, it is better to store your cigar in your carryon luggage. That way, you can protect it adequately since you know what you have in there.
  • Be wary of buying your cigar from the street vendors. You should not buy your cigar from a seller you do not trust their source of supply. There are counterfeiting cases going on with many unscrupulous vendors. You should buy your cigar only from trusted sources. If you are within Windy City Cigar supply region, you can always trust us to deliver your supply faster. 
  • Don’t carry cigar accessories, not allowed. Taking unapproved cigar cutter or lighter could mean trouble with TSA (Transportation Security Administration) personnel. The best thing to do is to store your cigar cutter in your check-in luggage and safe yourself any problem with authority.
  • Don’t go in with a humidification solution. Carrying any bottle of liquid in a plane can set the TSA agents after you. This could sometime be embarrassing if you are the type who doesn’t like undue attention. For safety reasons and to avoid embarrassment, keep your humidification solution in your check-in luggage.

What to do when traveling

As you prepare to go, taking care of your cigar supply should be a priority. We suggest you place an order at least three days to your departure so that your shipment will arrive just in time to make your hand luggage.

Delaying your cigar supply could force you to buy from a vendor you cannot vouch for. If you allow this to happen, you could be exposing yourself to avoidable dangers, regrettably.

Why to buy your cigar at Windy City Cigars?

Windy City Cigar is centrally located you are guarantee supply of your order within the shortest time possible. Buying your cigar from a vendor you do not trust is putting you in danger. As you must know, smoking counterfeiting cigar could cause a series of health problems, and you don’t want to go down that path.

How to order your cigar at Windy City Cigars

All you need is to visit the product page or use the search box to find what you want. On the product page, look below the product image, you should see the name, price, and add to cart button. Click “Add To Cart” button directly below the product image; it will take you to the Cart page where you will see the details of your transaction. You can proceed to checkout or continue shopping to update the cart.

There is the coupon you can apply if you have a coupon code, and once used, it would deduct the amount from your checkout detail. Click checkout to proceed to payment. 

There are multiple options you can pay with, select what is best for you, and make payment.

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