Impressive Ways to Roll a Joint

Impressive Ways to Roll a Joint

If you are a member of the 420 community in the 21st century, then you know that there is so much more to smoking than just your regular rolled joints. There now exist so many creative and impressive ways to roll a joint. Some of them are even downright crazy! Some of them are pure art and a lot of people genuinely love to have their joints rolled in these unique fashions.

So if your curiosity has been piqued and you want to know some cool rolling techniques and unique designs that you can wow your buddies with, or you’re just looking to up the aesthetics of your smoking experience, here are 10 impressive ways to roll a joint today.

1. The Shotgun Joint

Shotgun Joint

The shotgun joint is essentially a double joint that looks similar to the barrel of a shotgun. It is a very popular untraditional rolling style among smokers because you get to enjoy twice the amount of fun with it. Another analysis of the joint likens it to the front half of a car where you have the driver and the person riding a shotgun right next to them. This is very much the same idea behind the double doobie shotgun joint.

It is a relatively simple joint to roll; you just need to use all the techniques that you would when rolling classic cylindrical joints. The only difference is that you need to reduce the width of two rolling papers by about a quarter each. Don’t forget to cut away from the side where the gum doesn’t go.

When you have rolled the two slightly smaller-than-normal joints, all you then need to do is take a full-sized rolling paper and wrap it around both of them to seal them together, and your shotgun joint is ready to smoke.

2. The Cone Joint

Cone Joint

This is another simple and fairly classic way to roll a joint. This cone joint is, just as its name implies, cone-shaped, which means that it is narrowest at the filter and widest at the tip. Cone joints are very popular and great for sharing since they contain more weed than the average joint.

The easiest way to go about rolling a cone joint is to start by rolling the paper first, keeping the roll tight at the filter, and working it with your other hand so that it stays wide at the other end to give a cone finish.

Once the paper is rolled and gummed, let it dry for a little while, and then fill the empty joint with your weed, gently tamping it down with your finger as you go to make sure the joint is fully loaded and still gives a nice even smoke. Then twist the wide end closed.

You might need a couple of tries to get this joint right but it’s really easy enough to do on an initial try.

3. The Scorpion Joint

Scorpion Joint

This is where art sculptures merge with joint rolling to create a striking outcome. This joint is a scorpion made out of rolling paper and weed. It does require a certain level of joint rolling mastery to accomplish, as well as a pair of needle-nose tweezers besides your usual joint-rolling tools.

To roll a scorpion joint, begin with using a king-sized rolling paper to roll a very fat joint which you will tie off or leave open depending on how long you want the tail of your scorpion to be. Then use smaller rolling papers to roll the joints that will make up the legs and pincers.

Attach the leg and pincer joints by poking holes along the king-sized joint with the tweezers; the holes should be large enough to insert the smaller joints but not enough to rip the body of the scorpion open. Bend the ends of the legs and pincers downwards so the joint can stand like a real scorpion. You can use some blunt glue to keep the entire structure in place.

If you leave the king-sized joint open, you can elongate the tail of the scorpion by attaching more rolling paper with kief or honey oil, then when the extension is dry, fill it with weed and twist the end to close it. And presto! You have yourself an impressive scorpion joint. This joint is definitely for fans of intricate herbal origami.

4. The Triple Braid Joint

Triple Braid Joint

This is a triple coil joint and that gives you thrice the amount of smoke! And it’s pretty easy to pull off as long as you know how to make a braid. All you need is three extra-long joints which you can easily make by sticking two rolling papers end to end for each joint.

Once you have three joints rolled this way, you’re good to go. All that’s left is to attach the joints by wrapping a little tape around all three of their filters so that they stay in place while you make the braid.

As soon as you have all three joints intertwined just like braiding someone’s hair, twist the tops of the joints to keep them all locked together and it’s a party!

5. The Cross Joint

Cross Joint

This is smoke made from two joints that are fused to form an X or a cross. To get this, roll two classic joints, making sure that one is thinner than the other. Take the thicker joint and use a screw or sharp implement to gently cut a small hole through it, about 2 to 3 cm from the filter. Also, make a small hole in the very center of your thinner joint.

Connect the two by moving the thinner joint through the hole in the larger one. Stop when the two holes line up and rotate to ensure the holes in both joints meet to create a smooth passageway for the smoke when you spark up your cross joint.

6. The Dutch Tulip Joint

Dutch Tulip Joint

This is one joint that looks more like a spear than it does like a flower, but it is indeed a flower concept joint.

For the head of the tulip, you have to make a square shape out of your rolling papers. You can do this by cutting down a sizeable rolling paper, or joining 2 or 3 smaller ones together until you get the right shape. Leaving the gum exposed, fold the square paper diagonally to form a cone then seal by folding over the gummed edge. Load up the cone with weed while leaving some space to attach the stem.

The stem is just your classic cylindrical joint but you must take care while rolling that the joint is not too thick or thin to fit into and support the tulip head you’ve already made. Insert the end (not the filter end) of the stem joint into the open end of the cone head and wrap tightly at the point where they meet (take care not to tear!) so that the two parts fuse.

To smoke the joint, slice off a tiny bit at the top of the cone head so there is a small hole, light up, and enjoy.

7. The Plumber’s Joint

Plumber’s Joint

The plumber’s joint gives everyone that smokes it the ultimate smoke experience. The benefit of this joint is that it gives much more airflow, and leaves no gaps between the weed and the paper. As a result, you get a smooth even smoke with every pull.

To have yourself a plumber’s joint, the only thing you have to do differently than rolling your regular joint is to pierce the filter tip with a bamboo skewer and roll your joint around the skewer. After sealing up the joint, pull the skewer out from the end with the filter to keep things nice and neat.

You should be able to see through the entire joint if you look through the small hole. If you can, your plumber’s joint is ready to smoke. This joint may even soon have you hooked once you get a feel of how good it smokes.

8. The Windmill Joint

Windmill Joint

The windmill joint brings even more art into the realm of rolling joints. If you can roll cone and scorpion joints, the windmill joint will certainly be a breeze.

The steps to get a windmill joint are as follows: for the “blades” roll 4 king-sized cone joints without filters, twisting their narrow ends shut and leaving the wide ends open. Roll a larger cone joint for the base of the windmill using 2 joined king-sized rolling papers, closing up both ends with a filter at the narrow one.

Install the “blade” joints by cutting holes into the base joint, about half inches or more away from the end opposite of the mouthpiece, and snugly twist the smaller joints into these holes. You can apply some blunt glue around the seams to prevent leakage and improve airflow. Give at least 5 minutes for the glue to dry and your windmill joint is ready to go.

When you want to smoke up this joint, it is best to start lighting up from the blades and allow them to burn down a little before sparking up the base joint. Otherwise, you can end up having the base joint burning up much faster than the blades which will ruin all of the hard work you put into crafting this incredible joint.

9. The Pinner Joint

Pinner Joint

The pinner joint is essentially a small, thin (almost like a “pin”), a tightly-rolled joint that resembles a cigar. Some people consider them to be visually perfect joints. The weed in them is evenly spread throughout, so you get a nice, tight, and even smoke out of pinner joints. Also, they are symmetrical and beautiful to look at, which will surely impress almost anyone in your smoker circle.

10. The XXL Joint

Very Large Joint

The XXL joint is the trumpet of joints. Its sheer enormity will leave you gasping for breath after each puff. Of course, it’ll take an insane amount of time, rolling paper, and bud to achieve this joint, but if the goal is to impress, there’s no one whose jaw won’t be left hanging when they see this joint.

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