Is It Okay To Dip Your Cigar In Cognac Or Rum?

Is It Okay To Dip Your Cigar In Alcohol?

Giving Your Cigar A Taste Of Alcohol

It might sound strange to dip a lit cigar in a glass of alcohol, but this has been a long-standing tradition among cigar enthusiasts. Let us find out what this practice is about and if there is a worthy weight to this combination… 

The Tradition

Dipping cigars in rum or cognac has been an interest of cigar enthusiasts for ages. To them, the process of owning and smoking cigars is an experience. There are many aspects involved in this, such as selecting flavorful cigars, purchasing accessories like cutters and lighters, and choosing an appropriate humidor.

Connoisseurs like to enhance the pleasure of cigar smoking as much as possible. And to uplift this, our traditions had their ways of bettering these experiences.

  • The Moisture Angle

There was a time when cigars were kept in boxes or wooden chests. There was neither electricity nor hygrometers to measure the humidity in the air. Without the effect of external moisture, the tobacco in the cigars would dry out, and so smokers would dip them in their drinks to moisten them. 

Alcohol Flavored Cigars

The Reality

There is no science behind the assertion that alcohol adds flavor to cigar smoke. On the contrary, dipping cigars can cause the cigar to get soggy. Alcohol can affect the natural flavors of cigar smoke, which could dampen the experience. And it might be dangerous to light a cigar with alcohol at its tip. Moreover, immersing in a cigar is an irrelevant practice because of the humidors. All that the smoker gets is a soggy experience and a ruined drink.

Flavoring Cigars

Rather than trying to get the flavor of Cognac onto your cigar, it is recommended to pour a shot of cognac to enjoy while you smoke. There are specially made cigars with the flavor of Cognac and rum, which ensures that the combination of alcohol and cigar smoke is effective and that the smoker enjoys an unsullied experience.

It is possible to manually flavor your cigar with flavoring that can be extracted from a liquid. Cigars tend to soak in things around them and tend to get better in a closed environment like a humidor or a Tupperware container. As mentioned before, cigars have a profile of their own and come with flavored smoke. This natural blend depends on factors like the method of curing, tobacco soil, and the wrapper of the cigar.

Cigars and extracted flavoring must be compatible. Like:

  1. Cigars with a smooth or buttery profile pair well with light and fruity flavors. 
  2. Cigars with deep flavor profiles go well with whiskey and rum flavoring. 

Some flavoring options apart from liquor include cooking extracts of vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, cherry, and strawberry.

The Right Way To Smoking A Cigar

How you smoke your cigar also contributes to the experience. It must be lit carefully, with the flame touching the end. You must puff and inhale cautiously. If you inhale too hastily, it may make the smoke unpleasant. To enhance the sensory experience, some people often retro-hale. (exhaling the smoke through the sinuses).

This contributes to a fuller experience. It is also recommended to refresh one’s palate in between puffs. This can be done with a few sips of water or a bite of chocolate. 

Which Cognac Goes Best With Cigars?

Which Cognac Goes Best With Cigars

Cognac with cigars has been a classic pairing for ages. For some, it is a way to relax, while for more passionate fans, it is a way to experiment with the senses. Here are our three best Cognacs-cigar pairings:

  • Jean Fillioux Cognac With Ramon Superiors

The aromatic and light flavor of the Cognac complements the ‘earthy’ taste of it.

  • Remy Martin Louis Xiii & Fuente Fuente Opus X Bbmf:

The floral aroma of the Remy Martin is combined with the cocoa, cinnamon, and berry essence of the cigar.

  • Maxime Trijol Extra Grande Champagne With Cuban Cohibas

This combination is of sugar and spice. The spicy essence of the cigars is balanced by the taste of the Cognac.

The world of cigars is more than just some puffs of smoke. It can be pleasurable to those who are looking for a new experience. However, remember, there is a fine line between a calming evening and a wet cigar.

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