Picking the Right Cigar Cutter

the right cigar cutter

Whether you have purchased the most expensive stogie or the cheapest cigars, it is imperative that you know how to cut your stick properly. Cutting your favorite cigar is not difficult at all, however it requires some basic skills and in a matter of time you will be able to cut it like a pro. Apart from suitable proficiencies, a?good cigar cutter is also required to ensure that your stogie has a clean cut. In case if you do not possess the right tools or do not cut in the right place, then the wrapper of the cigar will fall apart and it could be inconvenient while smoking the cigar. So here we will look at the various cutters available at present to?cut a cigar sampler and your stogies:

  • Guillotine cutter: This cutter has a single blade and was specifically designed to remove the cigar?s cap. Most of them are able to cut equal to 54 ring gauge cigars. The advantage of this cutter is that it is one of the most inexpensive cigar cutters around. And the drawback is that you will have to cut your stick in one fast, robust movement in order to get satisfactory results.
  • Double Blade Cutter: As the name suggests it has two blades. It is similar to guillotine cutter, the difference is that it gives a more accurate cut. Again, you will have to use some force to cut your cigar. There are others that come with a spring mechanism that gives a clean cut. The good thing about this cutter is that you are able to cut a cigar of any shape. The downside of this cutter is that you have to be cautions not to cut lower than the cap otherwise the wrapper will disentangle.
  • Cigar Scissors: Similar to a double blade cigar cutter, a?cigar scissors cut the cigar?s cap. The major advantage of the scissors is that some of them appear stylish and classy and are also small. ?The problem with them is that you require the scissors that have stainless steel that is used in surgical scissors. ?
  • V-Shape Cigar Cutter: This will make a hole that has a V-shape on the cigar?s cap. The nice thing about this cutter is that it is good for cigars that have a small ring. The minus point about this cutter is a cheap one can destroy your stogie.
  • Bullet punch cigar cutter: This will neatly make a tiny hole on the cigar?s head. If you wish to have a bigger hole, then you simply have to put in the punch many times at various places till you attain the preferred width. The plus thing about this cutter is that you do not require any special cutting skills and it is easy to carry around with the key ring. The negative aspect about this cutter is that you cannot use it on Figurado shaped cigars.