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A gentleman chooses his pipe tobacco based on flavor, but the choice goes a little deeper and is a bit more complicated than just taste alone.

Just as a winemaker will use different ingredients to create subtle variations in flavor, and a beer maker will change the malt and hops to develop unique characteristics and mouthfeel, so too does a tobacco producer generate variety in taste and aroma through creative combinations of different types of tobacco.

The following tobacco leaves are commonly used in tobacco pipe blends in varying quantities, to produce something unique that every type of pipe smoker can appreciate:

  • Oriental – a category of Middle Eastern leaves to create bold and spicy flavors.
  • Latakia – a specially prepared blend originally hailing from Syria with an intense peppery taste and smoky aroma.
  • Bright – A mildly flavored leaf out of North Carolina
  • Perique – Hints of spice from this Louisiana-based tobacco
  • Burley – A slow burner with a mild nutty flavor
  • Virginia – Light but sweet with a quick burn and a nicely flavored smoke

Tobacco blenders will combine different ratios to create unique flavors and aromas in which to immerse yourself, but there are two more classifications we need to discuss: aromatic and non-aromatic tobaccos.

It is often the aroma of tobacco that draws a pipe smoker into always returning to a particular favorite. All those sweet, fruity, heady aromas are added to the tobacco using what is known in the industry as casing, whereby syrup is added to the tobacco during processing.

The tobacco is left to imbue the flavors and then heated ever so gently to remove excess moisture. Occasionally, a dash of rum or some other alcohol is added to create even more varieties of taste and aroma.

A non-aromatic is a blend without any casing, but due to its intense flavors, non-aromatics are often toned down a little by adding some of the aromatic types.

Choosing the best pipe tobacco for your tastes is as simple as trying out a few different blends. Mix up your pipe smoking sessions with a few different cuts, while switching between aromatic and non-aromatic types. Enjoy the journey, and you will find that there is one type of tobacco to which you will always return.


What Is The Best OHM Pipe Tobacco Flavor?

To start you off here are seven of our favorite blends from OHM, one of the best and most loved tobacco producers in the United States.

OHM tobacco products are produced by Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc., in Chicago, Illinois. Every bag of pipe tobacco contains only the finest examples of American-grown tobacco.

OHM is famous for its bold flavors, and intense aromas with durable, tear-resistant packaging that is also resealable so you can always enjoy a fresh tasting smoke every time.

OHM Pipe Tobacco Silver (Ultra Mild)

OHM Pipe Tobacco Silver


OHM Pipe and Cigarette tobacco are packed with the best American-grown Burley and Virginia tobaccos. Sophisticated smokers will enjoy the mild and creamy taste that supplies the ultimate in smoothness while volumes of aromatic smoke envelop them.

With no added flavors or enhancers, OHM Pipe Tobacco Silver is a pipe-smoking purist’s dream. Each bag is packed with tobacco that has been aged to perfection to create a smooth, pleasant smoke.

Available in 1lb and 51b quantities, each bag features a Fresh-lock system to seal in the freshness so every session feels as fresh as when you first cracked it open.

OHM Pipe Tobacco Blue (Mild)

OHM Pipe Tobacco


When your palate is in the mood for flavors that fall on the subtler side, then OHM blue might be just the thing for putting in your pipe.

OHM Blue has an even smooth flavor with a medium body that is not too harsh and is easy on the mouth. It is bold, but not too bright, and packs just the right amount of punch for smokers who are in the mood for tobacco that sits somewhere in the middle.

OHM Pipe Tobacco Menthol (Mint or Menthol)

OHM Pipe Tobacco Menthol


OHM Pipe Tobacco Menthol is the best choice for a smoke that is both cool and refreshing. Smokers who enjoy a rich blend of Virginia and Burley will enjoy OHM Menthol. It is a bold smoke with the fresh flavors of Virginia and Burley supporting the minty flavor without being overbearing.

Flavors are not complicated, and the smooth minty taste comes through loud and clear for an enjoyable afternoon smoking session to finish the day after the evening meal.

OHM Pipe Tobacco Natural (Free of Additives)

OHM Pipe Tobacco Natural


For grassy citrus, and sweet flavor, you can not go wrong with OHM natural. The Burley provides a nutty, toasty flavor with overtones of almonds and hazelnuts. The addition of Virginia adds just the right amount of sweet molasses overtones.

OHM Natural lights easy and each smoke will start with an oaty, nutty taste, transforming into a lighter taste of wheat and honey as the Virginia tobacco powers through and adds its weight to the flavor.

OHM Pipe Tobacco Menthol Gold (Mild Menthol)

OHM Pipe Tobacco Menthol Gold


OHM Menthol Gold provides a smooth smoke with the cool taste of menthol. T

The gold standard has been earned as each bag provides pipe tobacco that has been blended and aged to perfection. This blend offers up a smooth and unassuming smoke, with the taste of minty freshness to tantalize the palate and cool the mouth with every draw.

OHM Pipe Tobacco Red (Full Flavor)

OHM Pipe Tobacco Red


All tobaccos going into OHM Bold are specially selected to create a full-flavored taste for those who are in the mood for something a little stronger, with a taste that is unadulterated by flavorings.

In the Bold blend, only tobacco harvested from high up on the plant is used to ensure a rich, bold flavor. If you are after strong, pure tobacco with a consistent flavor all the way down to the ash, then you can not go past the Bold.

OHM Pipe Tobacco Turkish Blend (Full Flavor -Turkish Style Tobacco)

OHM Pipe Tobacco Turkish Blend

OHM Red is a Turkish blend with earthy undertones and a lightly sweet and sour taste pulling slightly ahead of the other flavors. Burley adds a woody balance to the citrusy sweet flavorings of Virginia, with both flavors striking a perfect chord.

It is a cool but quick burn, providing plenty of flavor to the end, and a pleasant aftertaste with which to savor the moment.

If you are looking for variety in tastes and texture, then the OHM range produces some of the best pipe tobacco on the market today, so they are sure to satisfy even the most particular of pipe smokers.

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