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Machines & Injectors We’re so glad you found Windy City Cigars, because we take the business of cigarette rolling seriously. Our ,machines and injectors are the finest in the industry. Some of the high quality brand names we carry include Bugler, Cigomatic, Gambler, Mickromatic, Shargio, and Swift, among others. But no matter which cigarette rolling machine you choose, you’re in for a real treat. Once you have one of our rolling machines you will never want to buy a pack of cigarettes again. Whether you want a basic rolling machine or a rolling injector machine, you can’t go wrong when you purchase it from us. Windy City Cigars prides ourselves on offering equipment that will have you smoking your own cigarettes in no time at all. Don’t waste time buying pre-made cigarettes at the store when you can DIY at home. You’ll save money and have total control over your own cigarettes. What smoker can resist that? For example, the Shargio Cigarette Rolling Machine comes in 70mm and 110mm versions. In comparison, the Gambler Rolling Machine is your new best friend if your heart belongs to king sized cigarettes. This machine is so efficient that it lets you roll one in no more than 15 seconds. To make your cigarettes the good old fashioned way, you’ll have no trouble with the Kashmir Hand Roller. Along with rolling paper and tubes, you’ll be well on your way to creating the cigarettes you can’t wait to sit down and smoke. Or you can take it up a notch and make the most of the Kashmir Mini. Since it makes both 100m and king sized cigarettes, you can tailor yours to your exact preferences. Our premier line gives you choices like the Supermatic II Rolling Machine, which is the easiest and quickest way for you to make king sized cigarettes. Yet, the Excel Rolling Machine is also a great choice if you are serious about what you smoke. This easy to use injector machine will have you enjoying a cigarette that has the exact level of flavor you’re looking for. To make some king sized cigarettes quickly and easily, the Mikromatic Cigarette Rolling Machine by Top-O-Matic is also an excellent choice. Users report being able to roll an entire pack in three minutes or less. If you’re pressed for time, you’ll find this machine impossible to resist. But the granddaddy of them all is the Powermatic 1+ Rolling Machine. As long as you don’t mind manual as opposed to electric, you’ll have a blast using this product. On the other hand, you don’t want to overlook the Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine either. It’s basically a more compact version of the T2 Top-O-Matic. This machine holds 200mm and king sized tubes. You’ll like it for its generic filters, which are all preloadable. Rounding out the brands we offer are Injectormatic, JOB, Rizla, Randy’s, Zen, and Zag. They all have their own perks, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.