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Cigar Humidors For Sale

Here at Windy City Cigar, we proudly service cigar and RYO aficionados and have been since 2002. We have the biggest online cigar store in the United States and we carry the best selections at the best prices. We stock cigar bundles, cigar samplers, cigar boxes, little cigars, pipe tobacco, as well as cigar accessories like Zippos, Prometheus lighters, cigar humidors for sale, ashtrays, scented candles, snuffers, and a ton of other things. Looking for premium tobacco or hookah tobacco? We’ve got that, too! A lot of people who buy their first humidor with us don’t realize they need to season it first. We’re talking a little more about that today.

Seasoning is something that you’re supposed to do to a new humidor, so if you’ve already got one and you’ve been using it, there’s no need to season it now. The reason that you’re supposed to season a humidor is that the seasoning process allows the wood to absorb moisture. A dry, unseasoned humidor will suck up moisture at first.

That means that if you put your cigars in there too early, you’re at risk to dry them out. Once the humidor has been seasoned or it’s been running for a while, it should be able to handle the humidity just fine and not dry out your cigars. It is important to note though that some companies do pre-season their humidors so this step wouldn’t be necessary if that’s the case.

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