Selecting a Cigar Lighter as a Gift

Selecting a Cigar Lighter as a Gift

After buying the ideal cigar like Montecristo Cigars for you or as a gift for someone, now it is time to select a cigar lighter. Choosing the correct cigar lighter from so many varieties available in the market can be a complex task. Various styles of lighter are made by several reputable manufacturers. If a cigar lighter is especially being bought to give it as a gift, the lighter’s price and the appearance are normally the decisive factors. On the other hand there are other factors that have to be contemplated upon.

Torch Lighters are Favored

Even though no two smokers can be alike, however majority of the cigar smokers have a preference for torch lighters that produces a jet flame rather than the conventional soft flame one that is usually preferred by smokers of cigarettes. Yet, if the intention of the cigar lighter is to be used for thinner cigars indoors, then both of these lighters could be fine. But for thick cigars that have a big ring gauge, a torch lighter is almost mandatory. And if a lighter that has to be utilized outdoors, then in this case a torch lighter has to be used despite the cigar’s size. Remember a torch lighter is not windproof but wind resistant. 

Throwaway Bic lighters normally are not gifted; however these lighters are utilized by quite a number of cigar smokers sometimes. In one such case, as torch lighters aren’t allowed on aircrafts, Bic lighters are allowable. Conversely, in case if a lighter with a soft flame is favored by some smoker, then the selected lighter have got to use butane gas and not liquid naphtha. The reason for this is because butane flame is unscented, and won’t impart the taste or aroma of the gasoline on a quality handmade cigar. Although all the time remember do not ever light cigars using a scented candle because it will throw in a foul flavor in a cigar.

Two Flames Preferable

Since we have disqualified the conventional flame lighters, then which torch lighter should be preferred? A dual jet flame is better than a triple or single flame. A Cigar that has a big ring gauge usually takes more time to illuminate and a double torch lighter will lessen that time considerably. What is more that this lighter is more resistant to wind than a single one. And why shouldn’t you purchase a lighter with three flames? The reason being it will overload the lighter. One more feature that is important in a lighter is the function. Appearance is a good thing but function is more important. The lid of the lighter should draw back when a lighter is lit. An additional nice feature that a cigar lighter should have is a window or fuel indicator. This way you will know the amount of fuel is remaining in the lighter.

To end, lighters with double torch having the features mentioned above are recommended for your chosen cigars such as the Cohiba Cigars. And moreover, the lighter should be made by a manufacturer of good reputation who offers lifetime warranty and some have special lighters like Zippo for Women. The appearance and the price range depend from individual to individual provided that the Cigar lighter will make the person who you want to gift to happy.

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