Should Cigar Cellophanes be Kept Intact


Many cigar smokers get confused on whether to keep the cigar bands and cellophane or remove them. Well, there are different opinions on this from various cigar smokers. In the world of smoking cigars, there is no such rule on what to do about them and as a cigar fan, you are not forbidden from carrying out what you wish to do with your treasured stogies like the Ohm bundle cigars or for that matter any other cigar. However, if you are a novice in the cigar smoking world, and wish to gain knowledge of certain established techniques or ways to follow on the subject of cigar smoking like whether you should take out the bands or cellophanes from the cigars, then read on the ensuing guidelines.

If you intend to form a nice collection of cigars, then a humidor is an accessory that is essential to have in order to look after your investment of cigars. Obviously, if you are not concerned about preserving your much-loved stogies whether a sampler like Romeo Y Julieta Cigar Sampler or the entire cigar bundle, and do not purchase a humidor, then be prepared for you cigars getting dried out. Then it is of no use regretting later. A humidor will protect your cigars against external elements. So, is this all you require? Can you store your cigars in the humidor without a cellophane? Or is it better to store them with the cigar cellophane intact? As stated above, views are different. Therefore, let us understand what the contradictory views are.

One of the opinion is you ought to get rid of the cellophane while storing cigars as it basically provides the cigars additional space to breathe and they can age well and with the passage of time will turn out to be more flavorful. This is a good logic, however not the final opinion. Another philosophy tells that you can also leave the cellophane on and it will essentially have no influence on the process of aging, therefore why detach it? One more view that is in favor of keeping the cellophane on says that it helps to protect against beetles. Tobacco beetles like hatching particularly in warm temperatures. Therefore, if you reside in a humid climate, chances are that beetles could ruin your cigars. They can creep into other cigars stored in the humidor and can destroy all your cigars. Therefore, putting the cellophane on adds that additional hurdle for the beetles to conquer. And this could really help if you have purchased a number of brands of cigars for sale and have stored them in one humidor. Bear this in mind while determining whether you should keep your cigar cellophane or not. An additional factor that should be taken into consideration on the cellophane deliberation, though it is pretty minor is the appearance of the cigars. Cigars minus the cellophane clearly appear better. However, it is up to you to choose, how much the cellophane of a cigar is significant for you.

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