Smoking Fine Cigars

Smoking Fine Cigars

There are few pleasures in life that can beat fine cigar smoking. From time immemorial, cigar lovers have t pleasure from the fine taste and fine aroma of smoking a top quality handmade cigar. The proper technique of smoking fine cigars is to make the most of the pleasure and completely recognize the value of the custom and the workmanship that is put into making every single piece. To buy a fine cigar, you can browse through many online cigar websites that offer Discount Premium Cigars for starters. Another important thing you should look out for while buying cigars from online cigar shops is Cigar Sampler Deals especially if you are a cigar novice. After you have found the right cigar for yourself, then you can perfect the art of smoking a fine cigar. For that, the following are some tips that should be followed to smoke a fine cigar:

1.   First of all, remove your cigar from its wrapper or tube. Then, lightly squeeze it. It has to be firm but pliable, more or less supple. A cigar that is dry is likely to crack if squeezed and if it isn’t a good one. Smell your cigar and relish and take delight in the aroma of the cigar.

2.   Then, cut the tip of the cigar. Make some small holes with the help of some device or do away with a plug from its end. Remember, never bite off the cigar’s end.

3.   Ignite your cigar by drawing slight breaths through the cigar and at the same time rotating its end over the flame so as to light it in an even way. After the lighting procedure is completed, an abrupt exhalation through your cigar will generate a smoother smoke.

4.   Then, pull smooth breaths with your cigar. For some time, hold them in your mouth to value its flavor, but beware not to inhale it. Let the smoke hang back. Certain cigar smokers like to smoke fine cigars in combination with drinks and food to add to the flavor of the cigar.

5.   Get rid of the band if only it is in risk of lighting or if the cigar is finished. There are a number of smokers who believe that the band is the end of the part of the cigar that can be smoked and the smoke will turn out to be severe after that position.

6.   You can keep the band if you want to maintain a cigar diary to note down the traits of different brands of cigars. Your cigar diary is supposed to record the size, style, brand and characteristics of the wrapper.

7.   Let the cigar to burn out by itself when over and done with it. Snubbing it will produce a smell that is harsh.

General Instructions

·      Conventionally, cigars are usually lit with the help of wooden matches, though any other lighting approach can be used. Some smokers have the perception that lighters ruin the cigars as they leave a chemical flavor. On the other hand a lot of younger cigar lovers consider that using Zippo lighters adds up a modern style to fine cigar smoking.

·      If you are novel to fine cigar smoking, then Buy Cheap Cigars initially and then you can develop your own taste.

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