Smoking Tobacco Pipes

Smoking Tabacco Pipe

If you are just waking to learn how smoking tobacco pipes work, you should know that you are dealing with a lifestyle that dates back over 2000 BC; and of course, it’s a valuable addition to tobacco itself whose history goes back 5000 BC. I tell you this because when it comes to smoking best pipe tobacco, it’s not something you, me or anyone can stop, it’s a lifestyle people many generations from now would continue to embrace. You don’t have to be shy about smoking if you don’t smoke, many others would.

However, it is essential to learn the use of pipes for smoking tobacco to know how it’s done, and I would want to discuss that with you with the assumption that it’s your first time; however, I will limit our discussion to smoking and the steps to achieve that alone. If you want to know about pipe and accessories, I will discuss that in another article. So, for now, let’s talk about how to smoke tobacco with pipes.

What you need?

1. Your pipe

If you would take a quick look at Windy City Cigars pipe supplies, you will find the different make of tobacco pipes you can buy. The type of pipe you choose is absolutely your choice. Maybe, you will have a favorite when you become an expert pipe smoker. For now, pick any pipe of your choice and let’s proceed with our lesson.

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2. Your choice tobacco

There are different brands of smoke you can choose from according to your choice of flavor. The real deal in tobacco smoking is the flavor, and if you would check the Windy City Cigar tobacco line, you will find from Cherokee to ohm, Kentucky and more brands. As you become familiar with tobacco, you may likely have a favorite among them.

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3. Lighter/fire

You need a fire source to light your pipe; you can get the matchbox, lighter or any other fire source. A caveat, though, you should not use a cigar torch to light your pipe as this would scorch your tobacco and destroy the flavor!

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Preparing your pipe

1. Examine your pipe

Before filling your pipe with tobacco, you want to examine your pipe chamber to make sure that is nothing in it; make sure it’s clean! This step is vital because you don’t want to add dirt to your tobacco; it will not only destroy the flavor, it might cause some harm, so you want to examine it properly before filling it with tobacco.

2. Packing your pipe with tobacco

Pick up your tobacco, open it and grab your pipe position it for packing. With your fingers, pack in some tobacco up to three-quarter of the chamber, fill it in and use your finger or pipe tool called tamper to press it gently into the chamber.

3. Test the draw

At this stage, you want to test the resistance by taking a draw to see how it feels. If it feels too loose, you want to add more tobacco and to press it a little more using the tamper; add more tobacco and squeeze it in until you have the right resistance that is comfortable for you to smoke. If it’s too loose, smoking will not be smooth and it too tight, it won’t be comfortable either. You need a resistance that is mid-way.


Smoking the pipe


1. Lighting your pipe

Lighting tobacco pipe takes a bit of trick because you don’t fire it directly from the top. Introducing the flame right on top of the tobacco will scorch the tobacco, and it will affect the flavor. Your objective is to light the tobacco in a way to let it burn gently and not flare it up with a naked flame. That is why you are never to use cigar torch because it’s going to scorch it and you won’t find the flavor; it would be gone. So, the way you light your tobacco is to use the heat and not the flame of your lighter so that you can taste your tobacco as you draw it to light up. To use another term, you should kiss your tobacco with the flame!

2. The goal of tobacco smoking

When smoking your tobacco, your goal is to taste the tobacco flavor; it is not to produce lots of smoke vapor or to burn fast. Take it slow and let the taste sip into your mouth and savor it with all pleasure. What you want to do to achieve this goal is to coke the flavor out of the tobacco.

3. Smoking your pipe

Put the pipe bottom in your mouth and hover your flame over it at reasonable distant. Draw your pipe gently as see the air from your mouth draw the fire closer to the tobacco, but not directly on it. As you pull, the heat will gently burn the tobacco, and you will be able to taste the flavor of it. Continue in that stead until you could see a smoldering light on the tobacco. What you do to light your tobacco is called charred- light.

If you approach lighting your tobacco through charred-light method, you will kiss your tobacco with the flame and char it to burst into a smoldering fire to smoke your pipe without burning your tobacco and destroying the flavor.



Smoking is a leisure activity which many consider as stress relieving agent when done correctly. It’s an activity that can bring you closer to people of like minds, make cool friends and live life with fun. Choosing your pipe and tobacco is your choice as the flavor is the attraction. You may want to try out with different blends of tobacco as you will find when you visit the Windy City Cigar tobacco store.

For pipes and tobacco accessories, there are unlimited choices to make according to your lifestyle and the company you keep. If you need a reliable and affordable supply of tobacco and pipes and whether you need organic or original flavor tobacco, you can trust Windy City Cigar for all your supplies!

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