Some Cigar Q&As for Novice and Experienced Smokers


Cigar smoking has grown by leaps and bounds. There are numerous cigar retailers out there that sell Cheapest Cigar in order to attract smokers. These stores also offer Cigar Deals sometimes which is good if you are a beginner. Speaking about cigars, there are numerous things that a smoker should have knowledge of so as to get maximum pleasure from smoking a cigar. Here are some of the questions that need to be answered:

How can you cure the harsh taste of a cigar that comes at the end?

After a cigar is smoked, moisture and tar combination is likely to accumulate near the cigar’s head. Even though most of the tobacco will eventually get a distinctive harsh flavor, there are a couple of ways you can use to prevent this build up from affecting the taste of the cigar in the end. However, you should understand that pursuing this approach cannot provide you the fresh smoke back which you wish but it can postpone the cigar’s harsh taste which comes at the end – therefore guaranteeing a prolonged smoking pleasure.

Commence your defensive measure by learning to clip the cigar. The tar of the tobacco has a tendency to accumulate more quickly if the smoke is not able to flow without difficulty at the trimmed end of the cigar. For this reason, it is imperative that make a wide opening. The general principle in clipping is to begin cutting at the point of the cigar where the curve edge begins to straighten out. And this point is called the shoulder. After that, keep in mind that don’t draw in the smoke too hard or too often. If you smoke a cigar fast, the puff will also become hot and the tar will also build up quickly. You should always bear in mind that the cigars require time to cool amid puffs. You should take a puff per minute in order to prevent overheating the tobacco and yet keeping it ignited. Finally, most of the cigars are reignited two or three times without having harsh attributes. Then again a cigar will maintain its fresh taste for a longer period of time if it stays ignited till the end in contrast to being reignited again and again.

When is a Cold Taste done?

A cold taste happens when you puff your cigar without igniting it. This way you will get to know what taste is going to come. You will be able to single out young cigars with their nasty taste, milder cigars have a neutral taste and spicy cigars will give you excitement all through a cold tasted. But you should not give much importance to cold tasting a cigar, assessing should always be done after puffing an ignited one.

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